Cosmic Colonic – Clearing space for what matters

Workspace for what matters

Workspace for what matters

In prior posts, I described how the Year of the Rat eventually evolved into the Cosmic Colonic. I am thrilled these posts have inspired people to start facing their overstuffed homes and lives. Many people began as I did, by dealing with just one micro project a day. Well, dear readers, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Cosmic Colonic was my nice way of saying what I was really doing which was getting rid of all the shit I didn’t need. There was so much crap in my house that I had been storing for years. My problem is not that I am a packrat, I don’t save things for sentimental reasons. I am one of those people that thinks we may need it someday and Mr. Applebum is a packrat. And I, being the organized type A personality that I am, just found a nice home for everything and there it stayed forever, even though we never had use for it. More


I heart Seattle: the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

Let's get this party started right.

Let's get this party started right.

Every year on the solstice weekend, one of our funkier, more eclectic neighborhoods throws a huge weekend party to celebrate. The party starts with a parade on Saturday morning, which is infamous for it’s naked cyclists, who kick-off the parade each year.

There are some great things to be learned from this über-green, hippy-dippy of festivals (as a girl from Santa Fe who brought tarot cards to Seattle, I mean that in the BEST way). So after the jump, five things we can learn from this festival AND video of naked cyclists!


Like Chuck D, I got so much trouble on my mind

I have to speak on Micheal Jackson. I never would have described myself as an MJ fan at any point in my life. However, as a music lover and ass shaker, I have always appreciated him as an artist and the influence he has had on all music for the last 20 years.

I’m surprised at how profoundly sad the news made me yesterday. One friend posted the Billy Jean Motown Performance in 1983. That moment, when he busted out the moonwalk towards the end (ever the consummate performer, brother could build to the moment) was a bolt of lightning in pop culture. Like Obama’s election, it was one of those moments when everything changed in an instant. More

Bonita Applebum – International Cosmic DJ

Hip hop head receives the love

The guy that likes hip hop.

As you may have read, I declared myself Artist / DJ a few weeks ago. I spoke of my mind altering mixes and how I wanted to share my gift with a wider audience. I mentioned aggressively sharing music with friend on facebook and carrying music to hand out to anyone needing a lift.

Well, I just wanted to follow-up and show you the power of sharing your gift with the world.  I mean, I’ve only been in the dj biz for like two weeks and I am already Bonita Applebum International Cosmic DJ. More

This is why Bonita is throwing up the deuce in 09

Throwing up the Deuce

Love can't Hate

I’m a little taken aback by the strong reaction by some of my more conservative friends and family.  I know I shouldn’t be. When I went back and read it through their eyes, especially these opening lines, I could see how it could put them on the defensive.  And I wasn’t sure how to respond. Or even if I should. More

Why don’t you reconsider church?

New friends on a wonderful outing

New friends on a wonderful outing

This may surprise some of you, but the Applebums go to church on Sundays. We have been going regularly for a year and a half.  And I know many of my peers probably don’t want to hear this, but it has greatly improved the quality of our family life while hooking us into the community, which is in desperate need of our fresh blood and talents.

I grew up in a church. My mom always had us in all the children’s programs: Sunday School,  children’s choir, bell choir, youthgroup.  The church was a constant for me, in a childhood that had few constants. I have such fond memories of the hundred of potlucks over the years. I especially loved the table full of deserts to chose from. Mmmm, so much little old lady love in that krispy treat and no one really cares if you take two.  If you want to see a place where time has stood still, go to a potluck at your local church. Seriously, they are exactly like you remember. I actually teared up first time I walked into one with the little Applebums. It was like walking into the past. More

The Silent Machine

Day of Service, baby!

Day of Service, baby!

Obama and his team of very smart people did not invent the silent machine, but they saw the potential and figured out how to use it. This is how the silent machine transformed Ole Bonita from a well-intentioned slacker to community organizer in a very short time.

It started when another mom, a goddess activist, started sending me emails about Obama. They were respectful, thoughtful and always included a line at the end about “let me know if you don’t want to keep receiving these emails.” That last line was important, because it showed her respect of my privacy and time.The early emails spoke about why she liked Obama as a candidate, the later emails used facts to counter some of the more egregious lies being flung at the Obama campaign.

Can you believe it? Rather than rolling in the mud, the Obama campaign opted instead to calmly present thinking people with the facts. And then let them act on them as they saw fit?!  I’m telling  you people, it’s a Wu Wei Revolution, you just don’t see it yet. read: Powered by Knowledge

The revolution is upon us. Wake up!

Viva La Revolucion!

my people are you with me? where you at?

The w years will forever be a low point in our country’s history. Much like the Regan economic and drug policies, w’s administration left a legacy our country will spend decades paying for and trying to correct.

Luckily we can now look back see that it is always darkest before the dawn. It’s time assess the damage and take a hard look at what we have become. It’s not pretty, we have lost our way. Our consumption is out of control, we are at the mercy of big business and we are failing the most vulnerable  members of our society. But we have a visionary leader ready to address these gross injustices. More

Sir Chuck D.

May I begin by asking the elders if I may speak freely? The video for Harder than you think found me over the weekend. Nuf respect for Sir Chuck D, he had me pounding my fist in the air by the second verse.  The brother is speaking some wicked truth, as always it is  worth it to read the lyrics. next: Watch video

Bonita Applebum – Cosmic DJ

Hell yeah they are metallic shell toes.

Hell yeah they are metallic shell toes.

I am still trying to figure out who I am as an artist, but I know who I am as a dj.  First off, I’m not the dj you are picturing. I don’t rock the crowd at the club. (Well I did once in Mexico and it was AWESOME.) But no turntables, no record crates.  My specialties are mixes that will change your life.

Oh yeah. This is not hyperbole, these are mind altering mixes. Music that will restore your faith and give you perspective, all while igniting dance moves from deep within that you didn’t know you had. What can I say? Bonita’s hella deep and likes to get down. And these cds are my gift to give. More

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