Me vs. Vibe

Read the June Vibe this weekend.  It was a good issue, it had Eminem telling his story in first person. Em makes a good point about how drug addiction is looked down on as weak in the hip-hop community. He’s right, which is sad because drug abuse is rampant in those circles.

It also discussed the Swagga Like Us Grammy performance, which I went back and watched over and over.  There were so many great lines I couldn’t hear, I googled the lyrics and read along as they performed. It was inspiring to watch 5 consummate performers (M.I.A. holds her own ) on top of their game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And I felt the love, they all made each other look good. They all showed respect, from chorusing in, “Hoooovvvvaaaaa” down to Weezy going to hold TI’s jacket. Hard to decide who took it. Loved Wezzy saying, “Addida”. Loved Hova’s slick moves. But TI owned it. Too bad he’s now serving time for purchasing machine guns.

Let’s move on

Here’s where I get stuck though. Vibe is a celebration of all things hip-hop. Yet so much of the hip-hop they promote is misogynistic. And I like Vibe, but I get the feeling Vibe doesn’t like me.

Now this debate is old as time, but it’s still relevant. How can men move forward if they are holding women down? Men can survive without women, but they cannot flourish. Let’s stop taking the easy way out. We get it, everything rhymes with ho and bouncing boobs in vids get watched. But it’s all been done.  It’s time to move on, my brothers, move on.


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