Survey! What are you reading?

Until last week, I hadn’t read a book in an embarrassing long time. Being the culture vulture that I am, I have been all blogs and mags for years. And while I know a steady diet of brain candy does not make a healthy mind, I sought to read more than just entertainment goodies.

But I’ve had this nagging sense that it’s really not right to turn away from books completely. I used to be such an avid reader. By the time I got to Peace Corps after college, reading a book a day was the only thing keeping me from falling into the abyss of a wicked depression.  So believe me when I say books have gotten me through everything. Don’t even get me started on beloved authors such as Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut, Julia Alvarez, the list could go on forever.

So I got one of those ways to make your life better emails (thanks gretchy!) and one of them included: Read one more book than you did last year. Hmmm *arched eyebrow* that’s easy enough.  And I can show a 100% improvement with just one book.  So I did. And then I had to get the second. So now I am at 200% improvement and on my way to pick up the third. It’s all about manageable, attainable goals, baby.

So no way am I giving up my mags and blogs. But I want to balance it with quality fiction as well. It is delicious to be lost in a book again. To stay up until 3 am because you have to know what happens! There will be more books this year.

So it’s time for our first poll. Woot!


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