Yo Bonita – What’s up with your name?

Jezebel, much like hip-hop, is a way of life.  If you don’t know what  jezebel.com is, you should check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Jezebel’s tag-line is  celebrity, sex, fashion for women without the airbrushing. It is a strong, subversive, feminist voice responding to news, politics, advertising and entertainment.  Seriously, if you only read one feminist blog or have one primary news source, it should be Jezebel.

Whip smart women

I will not try to describe the magic of La Jezebel, you need to discover that on your own. But one of the amazing things about J. is the commenters. They are some of the funniest, most articulate women I have ever encountered.

This is an on-line community of whip-smart women from all over the world responding to the media from a position of power and intelligence. It has been a really intellectually stimulating environment for me, I read it on a daily basis. They are keeping and eye on the man, because I don’t always have time to.

Running with the big dogs

After reading Jezebel for years, I started commenting this year. But you have to understand, this is like running with the big dogs. You audition to comment. You bring your A-game. And the screen name is important. It’s your first impression. It must be clever and tell something of who you are without trying to hard, of course.

So  I was ready to make the jump into the commenting world, as soon as I figured out my on-line name. After weeks of quiet meditation, Bonita Applebum came to me because, well,  I am a hip-hop song, you know. It summed up nicely my love of hip hop with a wink and a smile.

Tribe called quest were east coast boys that came on smooth and silly on a scene dominated by west coast funky gangsters. I was listening to Easy E, Ice Cube and Ice T before Tribe’s music revealed there was another way. Tribe’s songs are perhaps some of the most influential in hip-hop. They, along with De la soul and Jungle Brothers, carved out the archetype of enlightened hip-hop. It was about intelligence, representing and about having fun. Even as you get to the later Tribe hits, you can see how they keep it real, humble and about ny, the place they love the most.

My soul itches to save my brothers and sisters

I want to hold it down for my family, neighborhood and community. I am a hip -hop soldier, but I don’t look like Little Kim, more like Michelle Obama. Hip-hop is about social commentary, always moving on-ward and up-ward, and bringing those around you with up as you go. You don’t leave home and forget where you came from, you bring it back and keep fighting the good fight.

Or as Chuck D. says it:

So its time to leave you a preview
So you too can review what we do
20 years in this business
How you sell sell soul, g wiz
People bear witness
Thank you for lettin us be ourself
So dont mind me if i repeat myself
These simple lines be good for your health
To keep them crime rhymes on the shelf
Live life love like you just dont care
5000 leaders never scared
Bring the noise its the moment they fear
Get up still a beautiful idea

And for those who don’t like rap

Most people know they don’t like rap. And that’s probably true, I don’t need much rap myself. But you will LOVE hip hop if you let me show you what you haven’t been able to find. This is deep, powerful stuff. Stuff to make you think, stuff to make you laugh, stuff to get you off your ass.

So hello, I’m Bonita Applebum and I’ll be your tour guide.


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