Clearing space

Clearing space

I’m a very visual person. Always have been. Like if you say, “My husband’s in the shower,” I’m gonna picture it. Yeah, unpleasant for me as well.

Clutter in the house really affects me. My eyes are constantly drawn to it and it leaves me always feeling like I have tons to do. And I really can’t turn that off in my mind. Ever. Which means I can never sit still. I felt forever enslaved to the constant pile of mail on the kitchen counter, the overflow of toys into every inch of our lives, and overstuffed closets of stuff we do not use. We had too much shit and couldn’t find anything when we needed it. Which left me feeling guilty and overwhelmed.

Just one thing a day

It’s wonderful to hear that prior posts have started some of you doing just one thing a day. I’m proud of you, this takes courage.  It’s scary because you know once you start, there is so much to be done. But never fear, we are going to take it slowly. And it’s worth it,  you already know that. Right now you are over-loaded, stressed and lacking purpose.

So keep plugging away at it for 10 minutes a day. Start with things that are broken and easily fixed or really annoying. If you need a tool, get it.

Sidenote, if you are hiding from financial issues, deal with those first. They are causing you the most stress and will not get better with time. Start with one phone call a day. Speak respectfully to the person handling your call and figure out how to settle the matter.

Mindfully filling your space

And as you are doing all this, start asking yourself what you want to be doing. What is it that you are complaining that you do not have time for. Because you time is going somewhere, just not where you want it.

So as you are clearing space, start thinking about how you would like to fill it. Would you spend more time with family? Volunteering? Travel? Crafting? Exercise? Chasing a dream?

What is really important to you? It’s okay if an answer doesn’t come right away. When I started asking myself “What is your dream?”  I heard crickets chirping in my head, which made me feel sad and shallow.

Listening to the voices

But eventually, I cleared out enough clutter to hear the voices my muse myself think. And lo and behold, my soul was yelling for ART, MUSIC, COMMUNITY and CHURCH. And the opportunity to blog about it all is scratching an itch to write that I have been ignoring for too long.

So let’s celebrate your sucess! The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Tell us ONE THING you’ve done.


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  1. Mandy
    Jun 19, 2009 @ 10:59:28

    Well I started on the closet yesterday. Slowly. I was picking out a “going-out” outfit and kept trying on dresses that are cute but not on me. Very depressing. Then I remembered when you said “these will make someone happy, but it’s not me.” And I got the courage to put two items in the Donate Pile that I LOVE LOVE but I know I will never wear. I can only hope that they go to someone who actually will wear them but I don’t have time for Freecycle so I’m just going to drop them off at the local donation place and say “Farewell!”

    Also, last night I cleared off the mantel, which was just a cluttered mess of family pictures. I am excited about finding just the right thing to go on it that will convey design and generally make me happy when I look at it.


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