Bonita Applebum – Cosmic DJ

Hell yeah they are metallic shell toes.

Hell yeah they are metallic shell toes.

I am still trying to figure out who I am as an artist, but I know who I am as a dj.  First off, I’m not the dj you are picturing. I don’t rock the crowd at the club. (Well I did once in Mexico and it was AWESOME.) But no turntables, no record crates.  My specialties are mixes that will change your life.

Oh yeah. This is not hyperbole, these are mind altering mixes. Music that will restore your faith and give you perspective, all while igniting dance moves from deep within that you didn’t know you had. What can I say? Bonita’s hella deep and likes to get down. And these cds are my gift to give.

Onward and Upward

At first these mixes were for  Little Sister Applebum (LSA) who also lives for music. She is to reggae, what I am to hip hop. LSA and I would have these ongoing music conversations back and forth in the mail.

In a strange way it reminded me of that scene in Virgin Suicides where the sisters play music over the phone back and forth with those boys. It was such a haunting scene, how much loneliness and isolation those girls conveyed with those songs. That’s how it felt with LSA, like we were exchanging so much more strength, wisdom and humor through music than we ever could with words. And the music helped us both push onward and upward.

And on to the next level

As time went on, I widened my audience to include brothers, sisters, cousins. I worked hard to make mixes that included current joints coupled with must-know classics. Or as the good teacher KRS-One says, edutainment.

I have been a dj forever, but I just declared myself a dj like two weeks ago. I thought that a dj could only be that dude behind the wheels of steel at a club or in a battle. But that’s dumb and I am tired of hiding my light.

I’m gonna let it shine

I mean what the hell am I waiting for? Someone to knock on my door and declare me a dj? *knock, knock* Why hello, Ms. Applebum. We have discussed your situation and have decided that you are officially a dj. Here’s your membership card. Smile for a picture! *flash*

Every other dj out there didn’t bother waiting for that knock, they just did.  My name is Bonita Applebum and I am a dj. And I have been a dj as long as I can remember. No more doubt or questioning, it’s time to move forth and get my work done. So now I am widening my audience.  Aggressively trying to share music with friends on facebook and just keeping spare cds in my purse to hand out to anyone who looks like they could use a lift.

My gift to give

Yeah,  so now it’s Bonita Applebum, crazy music in the purse lady. But it’s worth it. You don’t even know what you’re missing.  You need to stomp until your soul is uplifted. And I can help. It’s my gift to give.


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