Sir Chuck D.

May I begin by asking the elders if I may speak freely? The video for Harder than you think found me over the weekend. Nuf respect for Sir Chuck D, he had me pounding my fist in the air by the second verse.  The brother is speaking some wicked truth, as always it is  worth it to read the lyrics.

Chuck D has always been a revolutionary, visionary and political activist. He is a highly respected intellectual who speaks to students and other activist groups world-wide. Chuck has been fighting the good fight while the rest of us got fat and intellectually lazy during the w administration. I love how he does not give a damn in this interview. It’s interesting to hear his take on Obamas election. I also so respect that he’s not afraid to call out Missy and Jay Z, but I don’t agree. (How could you not show some love for Missy, Mr. D? She works it. ) The interview is worth watching until the end, he makes some great points all the way through.

Here’s the last thing. Okay two things. This is another great interview with Chuck D. which included this little gem:

Who do you think the best rapper right now is?
I think, Barack Obama is the ultimate rapper [laughs]! I’m serious though. He’s from the hip-hop generation. And whether people consider him to be or not doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need to say that he’s listened to hip-hop or that he’s read Malcolm because you can see it in his presentation. Those who know, know.

And finally, this is a wicked little mini mix of some of his most well known lyricism. And of course I had to include two of my most favorite pe songs.

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