This is why Bonita is throwing up the deuce in 09

Throwing up the Deuce

Love can't Hate

I’m a little taken aback by the strong reaction by some of my more conservative friends and family.  I know I shouldn’t be. When I went back and read it through their eyes, especially these opening lines, I could see how it could put them on the defensive.  And I wasn’t sure how to respond. Or even if I should.

Intellectual Discourse

A very  dear friend from the Peace Corps (a fiscally  conservative, laissezfaire kind of guy, texan to boot:) commented that Bush called for volunteerism during his administration as well.  Touche. And I respect that has the conviction to state an unpopular opinion in front of a liberal audience.

We continued the conversation through email. I wrote back:

I really saw those postings as patriotic, pro-American and a way for all of us to get involved in volunteerism and service. But as I hear back from my more conservative friends, I am becoming aware that the postings were much more political than I had intended or even realized. Thanks for calling my attention to that fact, I do not want to alienate, I want to motivate.

I am glad to know you well enough to know I have not offended you. You and I have always been able to have healthy political debate and still love and admire each other. So thanks for the comment and please comment on the blog when you see fit. This country does not need more echo chambers, we need intellectual discourse.

He responded:

Glad you’ve got the volunteer bug ! ! !
Have you examined ?????

I’m glad Obama won for a number of reasons….
One of the reasons is that it gives a lot of people a rest at telling everyone else how horrible everything is and how evil this or that person is.
Not good to dwell in such negativity….
Hopefully the tone of the country will continue to be positive and productive.

Are you different Post-Obama

And he’s right, ya’ll. We criticized and complained during w’s administration. We felt helpless and hopeless. Let’s be honest ya’ll, us liberals had become a bunch of debbie downers and sad sacks. Are we any different now?  Are you reaching out to those around you who do not share you views and ideals? After we changed the world in ’08, are you out spreading the word?

Well, I am. As far as I am concerned, everything in 09 is different. I got nothing but love from here on out. I’m done with anger, blame and negativity. This needs to be a time of peace and healing, at home and abroad. No more fussin’ and fightin’ about our differences, there’s room for us all at this table.

Let’s reclaim the Deuce

I’ve decided it’s time to take back the peace sign from the starlets and posers. It’s my way of showing I’ve got nothing but love for you because we are all in this together. I throw it up to young people when I see them skateboarding on the side of the road. I throw it up to tattoo guys smoking cigarettes outside the coffee shops. I throw it to middle age white women who frown disapprovingly at such public nonsense:

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorraine
    Jul 01, 2009 @ 05:36:52

    You go girl. I share your feelings about ’09 too.That deuce SHOULD be reborn as the symbol of positivity and let’s face it – the Obama-dawn is one of new hope and energy that’s carried it’s waves all the way over to us in Europe. Over here it’s a matter of chasing the rats out of the closet and laying a solid foundation for greater transparency and accountability. Times are tough but I hold great hopes for the future!


  2. Cassandra
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 22:42:17

    yooo nice stuff. i like.


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