Bonita Applebum – International Cosmic DJ

Hip hop head receives the love

The guy that likes hip hop.

As you may have read, I declared myself Artist / DJ a few weeks ago. I spoke of my mind altering mixes and how I wanted to share my gift with a wider audience. I mentioned aggressively sharing music with friend on facebook and carrying music to hand out to anyone needing a lift.

Well, I just wanted to follow-up and show you the power of sharing your gift with the world.  I mean, I’ve only been in the dj biz for like two weeks and I am already Bonita Applebum International Cosmic DJ.

Crazy music in the purse lady

So, as promised, I put 10 cd’s in my purse to just hand out to anyone who may need it. First stop, the kitchen guys that I see working when I pass by on the street.  Mind you, I looked rough when I went it, not hip-hop, not even showered really.

He has no idea what he's holding

He has no idea what he's holding

When I asked if anyone there liked hip-hop they pointed to the guy on the top of this post. So I went over and handed it to him. He was gracious, but still not sure what I was up to.

I realized later he probably thought it was my music, like I was handing him a cd of me rapping. Which, when I thought about it, made a lot more sense than what I was actually doing.

I forced a cd in this other guys hand, snapped a picture with the deuce of course, and walked out. All I heard as I left was, “Dude, Damian Marley is on here.” Indeed.

Hip hop mamas

Hip hop mamas

I also gave cd’s to some new friends at the preschool. Mommies who were really excited at the thought of some good (read non-misgynistic) hip-hip. I also gave one to one of my favorite baristas at Diva Coffee.  She was stoked. When I asked her to throw up the deuce for the picture, the said, “Are you kidding, they call me, Ms. Deuce.” Pleasure to know you all, soul sisters.

Sucess Stories

And the responses are starting to pour in. First, an email from a new facebook friend who received two mind altering mixes:

Thank you sooooo much for the Cd’s!! Love them. I got them from my mailbox of the way out to Pier 1 and we, Carlos the kids and I, listened to them on the ride. You should have seen us dancing at the store. It got so wild that Carlos decided to wait for me in the car with Carmen and Carlitos. I think it was his excuse to keep on listening to the music. Thanks for making our day! It was extremely generous of you, if only the world had more people like you.

Can you believe it? I got a family jammin’ out on the way to Pier One! Hells yeah! I can go home now, my work here is done!

More Love Letters

But wait, there’s more to share. An email from an old friend from junior high who lives in Mexico:

I just got your CD’s you made. Thank you so very much!!! My sister-in-law brought them down with her. It brings back so many funny memories. Thank you so very much. I will start to look for something for you from here. Don’t worry it will be something original!!

This music is inspiring someone to do something totally creative?! I can’t wait to see what it has inspired! You go bro.

And  last one. From stepsister Applebum my first and most loyal follower, who is using the hip hop magic to reach the unreached: the death metal bussers and cooks.

thank you so much for the CDs. You have no idea – actually, I’m sure you know exactly – how much I love them. I’ve been putting them in the cd player at work and forcing all the death metal loving bussers and cooks to listen to some rockin’ hip hop while we do our opening duties. They seem surprised that “it’s not that bad…kinda good even.” DUH…

Free your mind and your ass will follow

I’m not telling you all this because I think I’m all that. There is a lesson for us all in here. When I started this journey, I felt silly thinking I could call myself I dj. I didn’t have all the gear, I didn’t have all the experience. I mean, my secret shame is that I can’t mix from song to song like you hear in clubs.

But after that first email I realized, the world needs my kind of dj skills. There are tons of music lovers who NEVER make it to clubs. Those are my people and as soon as I put myself out there, we have started finding each other. (Hello, Ms. Deuce has been serving me lattes for years and we just discovered we are both total hip hop heads.) The second two emails remind me that you never know the rippling good effects your actions will have.

Ms. Deuce

Ms. Deuce

Ms. International

I have been using the silent machine, in this case facebook and silly videos, to get friends to meet up with me for an International school reunion in the Netherlands this summer. I put together Pass the Dutchie – which I billed as the Ultimate Get Pyched Reunion Mix. After many missteps and a great deal of patience, I got 30 cd’s in the mail to places far, far away. Here’s the celebratory video:

What’s your gift to give, yo?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jessica
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 14:13:28

    Here’s to a real creative achievement. I always admire artists who make it up as they go along – it sets a real precedent, making people want to step up and out into their own creative self.

    You go on with your bad applebum self!


  2. linda
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 18:52:27

    Do you send your music to old people? Old people with big dogs? Old people who live with your brothers? No, actually they live with me! Old people who made you listen to Raffi (over and over)?

    no bows. I promise…


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