We interupt this K’rappy week with some help from K’naan

Seems like everyone around me (myself included) is having a rough week. Sometimes there’s nothing left to say, you just have to bang hard. You must promise me that if you watch this, you will put whatever song soothes your soul when you’re in the desert and dance like no one is watching. (After the jump, two songs that always make me feel better in case you can’t think of one.) If you are at work, all the better, everyone could use a dance break.

I have been blaring this K’naan song If Rap Gets Jealous for days and it’s helping. Hopefully this will put a smile on your face during these dark days. So here’s a dancing shout-out  to sarah, jane, cheryl, kristi, tim, sydney and the other displaced employees from Tummy Temple. Much love, ya’ll. This too shall pass. (heh)

Never forget, rap is something you do, hip hop is something you LIVE! ‘Nuf respect to the teacher, Sir KRS-One:

And I love the regular walk it out vid, but I LURVE the remix lyrics with Andre 3k, Daddy Phat Sacs, Jim Jones and, of course, Unk. Now it’s time to, well you know…..

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