Cosmic Colonic – the journey begins

Can you believe it?

No weeds in my cd garden

Let’s talk about the nature of the cosmic colonic. It is an organic process. It’s not liner and it takes multiple passes. This is not an I’m gonna clear the shit out of the house in one hellacious weekend kind of situation. Which should make you feel better, but it probably doesn’t. Because we like to attack situations, fix them, and move on. And that’s not at all how this journey unfolds.

I showed a picture of my closet in an earlier post. That took a long time. How long? I can’t say, it wasn’t consistent over weeks or months. It was more like: remove what was ready to go, back off, reflect. Enjoy the space, remove a few more things. Step back and look at it from a distance, enjoy the quieting of the mental clutter in my brain.

It’s like a garden. It is a lot of work initially, but eventually it’s just a little maintainance now and again. And I am in such a Zen place with all this crap cleared out, it doesn’t feel like work to manage our living space anymore. It feels like a gift of peace and abundance.

No one is going to hold your hand

Our culture has come to an obscene level of helplessness. Think about all the reality shows that cater to the messes people make in their homes / bodies / families / lives. In addition to the standard Oprah/Ellen/Dr. Phil shows where the product placement fairy saves people from themselves on a regular basis. (with additional gifts for the audience from the very generous corporate sponsors who just want us all to be happy!) There are entire cable networks devoted to this programming.

It begins with the very sad story about how bad things have gotten for the person and what a complete mess they have made of their home / body / family / life. Then the expert shows up to hand-hold the person while they direct a team of professionals to handle everything in the background. Then they spend bucketfuls of money to give that person a whole new everything, because, you know, they earned it. And then at the end, the lucky person talks about how great everything is now and their hope for a bright happy future. Cue music, roll credits.

Yeah, that is not going to happen. And for those very select few for whom it does happen,  I’ll bet they are right back where they started within a very short time.

The journey of a thousand miles…

Our Zen Bookshelf

Our Zen Bookshelf

Most of us have at least one critical area desperately in need of clean-up, organization and better management. It could be the clutter in your house, over-sheduling, over-spending or poor health and nutrition. It could be all of the above. Because it’s all related and it manifests itself as chaos, illness, fighting and a myriad of other problems. And the only way to address is to begin by taking a hard look at your house / health / family / life.

It is so worth it!  You know it is. We cannot continue to live an existence that is out of balance, unsustainable and unhealthy. It is keeping you from the work you are meant to do, the family you are meant to have and the connected life which we all crave.

…begins with just one step

It’s time to look around at where you are most out of balance, you probably already know right now as you are reading. My office, cd collection and bookshelves had become a burden. It was overstuffed with objects I did not want, need or like. The stuff had to go and it meant taking a hard look at why I was holding on to it  and who I was saving it for. You see, you are not just getting rid of stuff, you are getting rid of whatever that stuff has come to mean to you. And that, my friend, can be unpleasant:

It doesn’t matter where you start, just that you start. Find a place, roll up yur sleeves and get going. Do a little, step back, admire your work. Do some more. Eventually you start doing a little all the time, but by then, it’s gotten much easier because you are feeling the wonderful results: peace and quiet.


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