I’ve crossed a line!

I had such an amazing day today. A Wu-wei sort of day. I planned none of it, but everything got done.

I took the next step to getting a second tattoo. I had decided to go for it a month ago, but I was getting hung up on the design and which shop to use. I was starting to feel myself getting stuck, so I abruptly decided to just take the next step. I literally went looking for a tat shop on the way home from the grocery store.

First tat

First tat

The shop found me

I was looking for a different shop, when I wandered into the right one.  I found the portfolio that spoke to me and met with the artist.  I told her what brought me there, how I wanted to mark this amazing time in my life. I explained the year and a half of growth and change, but spared her the term cosmic colonic. By the timed I start rambling about the blog, she looked slightly overwhelmed. “Now what is this?” she asked as I pulled a cd out of my purse and put it on her table.

Her card

The card of a Tat Goddess

She told me about her journey. She has been in Seattle 9 months, in Brooklyn 10 years prior. (I played it cool, but of course I LOVED that she just got here from the cradle of hip hop.) She spoke wanting to design more meaningful tattoos. How as soon as she starting asking for it, jobs like mine started finding her. (Of course they did, baby, you’re a tat goddess!) She seemed genuinely pleased to design my tat. We talked a long time about symbols, styles and our love of Seattle. By the time she told me her family was from New Mexico, everything about it felt MEANT TO BE.

We had a good fit.  She had a firm handshake, a good spirit and looked me in the eye when we spoke. She felt like the artist for me. I am a believer in picking good people and then trusting them. We talked ideas, but I’m not trying to dictate or control this process.

I don’t try to manage people who know more than me, they know better than I what will work. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I wonder if the cd will influence her drawing? I hope so! Maybe it will be a hip-hop dahlia. Which is really funny, considering the four finger ring I have been rockin’ this summer.

Call me the Biz.

Call me the Biz.

Loud, ridiculous and mildly annoying

Something happened during the course of the cosmic colonic. I got rid of all the stuff that was keeping me from being my authentic self. And underneath it all was Crazy music in the purse Lady and she will be suppressed NO MORE! She wants to dance, laugh, dj and inspire you to do the same. Or as Kanye puts it: So who the kids gonna listen to? I guess me, if it isn’t you.

Somewhere around my 37th birthday, I discovered I am no longer concerned about what others think.  It’s so freeing. It’s why I can put myself on You Tube dancing. Or write all these blogs. Or just be my super silly self in public. I am loud and ridiculous and mildly annoying to many, but I’m doing something and it feels a whole lot better than doing nothing. That’s what this tat is all about, my rebirth.

You have lost your mind

I stopped by a dear friend’s house on the way home. We had not seen each other in 3 years. As I was passing his street, I knew I was supposed to go see him. I’m not usually that person, I never do that. But I knew I was supposed to and after the great tat experience, who was I to argue?

So I turned up the road, stopped by his place, knowing he wouldn’t be there, but at least I tried. Surprise, he was there. We visited, caught up. He told me about the school year he’d just finished. I told him about the fam.

I will take it!

He’d checked out the blog. “You are a crazy lady. You have lost your mind,” he said shaking his head. I knew he was only half joking, he really does think I’m a little nuts. Oh how I wish I could have remembered to quote Hamlet 2, “You’re not far off, ladypants. Any creative person will tell you sometimes you have to go a little crazy for great fucking art.”

Instead, I just laughed and beamed with pride. He’s a pretty conservative guy, so I took it as a huge compliment. It meant I was doing something right.  “You’ve crossed a line, ” he said as I was leaving. I will take it!


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