Blogging Live From Blockparty 09

The competitors got the grills fired up and the smack talk is reaching deafening levels. There’s a kids parade, a barbecue cook-off and all kinds of fun to be had.

After the jump, pictures and vid from the kids parade and the cooks starting up. And later, vid from a major rager.  So pay attention kids, because we are gonna show you how to throw a party p-tine style.We started the day with a kids parade. This was the first one ever, but as you can see, it was like we were born to do this. Who knew we had this in us? The saxophone is the guy next door. He just ran home and got it and it took the parade to a whole new level, que no?

Here’s a litle more from the kids parade, sorry about the shaky hand. Too much sangria for Mr. Applebum, the camera man.

So here’s a slide show of the pics from the kids parade. It was a great way for all the families in our neighborhood to meet each other. We had no idea there were so many kids in the neighborhood, we’d never flushed us all out before!


Okay, I have been having wicked technical difficulties (I’m looking at YOU youtube). Stay tuned. Much more footage and many more pics coming tonight. It’s been a hella good block party and we’re staying up all night.

We closed the street down for the day. The kids rode their bikes for 6 hours straight. It was awesome!

There is a slide slow forthcoming. But here is the announcing of the winners:

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