It’s a revival, ya’ll

I posted on how to dig some roots into your neighborhood. It is long term investment that involves years of friendly waves and tiny gestures. I shared a heartwarming list of all the wonderful things that now go on in our neighborhood including: babysitting, garden tours, birthday wishes and condolences. It has been a rewarding process, we have created a tight-knit community and made life-long friends.

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

And this past weekend, we celebrated: Block Party 8.0! We had a revival  and everyone was invited! So sit back and relax, because I am going to tell you a story that is going to make your heart happy. The song of the day is Revival by Me Phi Me, so play it if you got it. And hopefully this will inspire you to reach out to your neighbors to start building up your hood and strengthening your community!

Block Party 8.0 ya’ll

I did a live-ish posting from our most excellent block party on Sunday. It was such an FUN day. So many old friendships renewed and new friendships formed. As we sat and ate together, we caught up with each other while the kids and pets ran loose. It was like something I’ve only ever seen in movies. It’s the life I would dream of for our kids,  for us all. Summer is magical, it’s a time to slow down and enjoy the sunshine and long days. It’s time to be outside together, celebrating the abundance of the season and our own blessings. It was our best block party yet.  And it felt so old fashioned, but could only be happening today.

The party mama

This woman is the captain of our ship. She is the heart and driving force behind this neighborhood. She is a powerful combination of out-going and totally inclusive. She is the person that entertains constantly throughout the year and invites the neighbors. She is the one that converts ideas to plans. She’ll pick date for the neighborhood g-sale and then organize all us slackers to make it happen. I have certainly contributed over the years, but I am merely her first lieutenant. This is Gretchie’s hizzy for shizzy.

The big boss and heart of the 'hood.

The big boss and heart of the neighborhood.

Good food, good jams is our communion

The barbecue cook-off was new this year. We have some pretty serious cooks in the neighborhood, there was tough competition indeed. I don’t think it was intended get this involved, but the smack talk started shooting through emails and facebook weeks ago. And the more trash they talked, the more they had to BRING IT. I did not get good enough pictures of the bbq teams food displays during the sampling. They were exquisite- incorporating flowers, plants, music and sangria. And as you can see, it was some good eatin’ indeed. The announcement of the winners is presented in it\’s entirety here. I never get sick of hearing him say, “Fliiip aaand Diiiiiip”, it never gets old!



Word to bike hooligans

It was AWESOME having the road closed for TEN hours. We have a beautiful, smooth, newly paved road that was made for kids to let loose on their bikes. The kids rode for hours on end. Click here to see footage of the herd. Ranging in ages from three to eleven, this herd of bicycle hooligans was definitely the highlight of my day. At one point I heard one of the little boys yell, “Hey, he can bunny hop. Look!” as he pointed at one of the bigger boys with stars in his eyes. You never see that anymore! We got to step back and let those kids be kids for awhile.

The rabble rousers

The rabble rousers

The Colorful Kids on Parade

This was the first year for the kids parade as well. It was easily organized and the turnout was fantastic. You can see the adorable pics and the video here. Just about every young family in our neighborhood joined in. It was surprising to see how many of us there were when we were all together. I don’t think any of us realized how many young families there were in the neighborhood. As you can see, everyone is making introductions and getting to know each other, leaning all the kids names and which houses they live. The leisurely stroll around the neighborhood was fun for the parents and the long bike ride with new friends was a GREAT way for the kids to get acquainted.

The parade begins!

The parade begins!

I think the parade coming through a few hours before the event, really helped the block party turnout. I mean look at those kids, they are irresistible! I have to confess, the parade committee (cosmic mama and myself) didn’t do a very good job notifying the neighborhood as to when the parade was coming through. In fact, people thought the parade was a few hours later so we actually only had two and a half spectators along our parade route. But look at them, they were the cutest! And next year, if we get five spectators, we will double our attendance.

Our only spectators

Our only spectators

And the barbeque was a truly wonderful gathering. It was our best turnout yet, we had many new faces. There were people who are new to the neighborhood and people who were in the hood for years, but first timers for the barbeque. (As I mentioned, these roots take years to take and deepen.) This block party started years ago with a few people and a few grills. It has evolved naturally to reflect how our neighborhood has grown and flourished.

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith

That’s why it’s Block Party 8.0. It’s officially a revival, ya’ll. I will now offer up our benediction:


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