ISSE Reunion Pre-Party Kick Off

Alright, I’m kind of loving this live blog concept. Today I continue the live blogcast as we get ready for my twenty year high school reunion. Oh, did I mention it’s in HOLLAND. That’s right, the Applebums are going to the Netherlands, land of cheese and tulips. My class reunion is less than two weeks away, so in honor of the party that’s been 20 years in the making, we are live blogging all day. So strap on your swatch and best benetton shirt, we’re going back to 1988-1991. What up Jerusalamlaan! It’s a Reunion Pre-party! Word to Mr. Zey! Woot!

My UK Homegirls

My UK Homegirls

After the jump, videos, music, stories and lord knows what else. It’s an ISSE Reunion Pre-party Kick Off, cue the music.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

It's 1988 and this girl just wants to have fun!

Prince: The alpha and omega of my high school years

There are tons of prince songs I want to play in honor of those most awesome days. No matter where I went in europe back then, prince was sure to find me. Parade was already out, and then he hit us with what is arguably one of his best albums, Sign of the Times, followed by Lovesexy the following year. I got to see the Sign of the Times stadium show in Utrecht in 1987, it was one of the best shows of my life, it looked just like the set from the video for You got the look.That was Prince’s best period, that three album punch. He has many other great songs and albums, but all three of those albums mentioned are pound for pound some of the best dance albums produced. And I knew every single song inside and out, back up vocals and all, for ALL THREE ALBUMS. Ole Bonita is a hard core prince fan, through and through.

So hard to pick a fav song from sign of the times, there are like 10 outstanding songs on that album. I swear, I listened to that album at least 2000 times, it is ingrained into my soul. You’ve got the look was definitely been a fav back then. They played the video ALL the time on Sky network. I loved Sheila E, that drumming goddess. I never wanted to be sexy Sheena Easton, I wanted to be badass Sheila E, bouncing her drumsticks in that insane, white jump suit. Or Cat. That girl’s got moves!

View: You’ve got the look!

Let’s begin this celebration with Prince:

View: Batdance Video!

Miss International

It was so sweet of method man and redman to write a song in honor of my first international trip in over 10 years. Nice how they even give a shout out to their favorite blogger, bonita applebum!

Watch video: Miss International by Method Man & Redman

Here’s to the Netherlands

Aceyalone has become a favorite over the summer. His song Accepted Eccectic has some lyrics that really fit my journey to this reunion. It’s worth reading all the lyrics, but I LOVE this stanza:

I’ll give you a minute just to get yourself together and
We can have a sing-along, all and together and
Here’s to the netherlands, sisteren and brethren
B-boy benevolence, birds of a feather and
It don’t matter what you say
We all are connected
Some are on a rap path, some are mis-directed

Click here to listen to: Aceyalone – Accepted Eclectic

And a few  more favs from back in the day

And one video that WE ALL loved back then! I so remember the deep aussie rap that was the second part of the song. I listened to the album Kick by INXS for hours on my walkman as I rode my oma fiet back and forth to school. This song and message were revolutionary in those days but it also makes me sad for those who are no longer with us.

Okay everyone, final video of the Pre-party Kick-off. ISSE Alumni, get ahold of friends, finalize plans, get your ASS to Eindhoven on 5 Sept, 2009! It’s gonna be……wait for it………….LEGENDARY!

I\’m going to ask the Red Hot Chile Peppers to give us the benediction. Please, promise me you will watch the ENTIRE video,  you’ll be glad you did. Now, excuse me, I’m going to go mosh like it’s a NOT production.



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  1. simone
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 06:34:29

    wish i could go – i’m there in spirit!

    spewing hey, but what can you do?

    say hi to everyone for me, have a blast and party like you mean it!


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