The Pre-party never stops!

So I leave for the Netherlands in 5 days. My big international high school reunion is one week and ain’t no party like a my pre- party, cuz my pre-party don’t stop!

So, after the jump, music clips and some more pics. Because Bonita is going on a journey twenty years in the making and I’m taking all of you along for the ride.

Looking back on the eighties is a cringe-worthy experience. Cheesiness in music and fashion abounds! No one comes out unscathed. Check out me in my hella trendy 80’s glasses:

So today we are looking back. It’s not a pretty sight:

In fact, it’s downright scary:

Really really scary, in a vanilla sanitized way.

Looking good for the big dance.

Looking good for the big dance.

Not that I really have room to talk. I look so rosy cheeked and squeaky clean. Gotta dig the bangles and friendships bracelets stacked up the arm. I guarantee you both of us were wearing swatches.

This was the autumn dance and it was a great party. My American readers would be shocked to know they served beer at our high school functions. Even more interesting to note that the only ones that really overdid it with said alcohol were the Americans. I’m just sayin’.

The dj’s at the dance were fellow students and good buddies. These metalheads  schooled me on the classics and the contemporary of heavy metal: Ramones, AC/DC, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Faith No More, Guns and Roses, Van Halen (Not Van Hagar). They were into Metallica and Megadeath and other such hard stuff, but that’s where I drew the line.  That first year in Holland really felt like rock n roll high school, but then again,  the guy on my left was my prom date that year.

You shook me all night long

Damn good times.


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  1. slicky
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 03:33:25


    well,,i would say u r 2 cool4school..
    nice clip..remember u
    hoop 2c everyone…

    jasdev singh / jessy


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