Thanksgiving kick-off party

I’m so ready for everyone to get home so we can get this holiday weekend started RIGHT. I have started celebrating, but at the moment, it is a party for one. So I decided to take it to the interwebz. So we can all be alone together while we get holiday going. So whether you are packing, traveling, cleaning, cooking, working or denying, won’t you please join me? I have picked this as our Thanksgiving kick off party theme song. This is a great ass shaker, no matter what you are doing.

Would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section. Let’s hear what you are thankful for. Allow me to begin:

I am thankful for everyone of you who reads this blog. I am so honored that people like to hear what I have to say. After years of complaining about all the negativity in the media, it is so powerful to be able to put something positive out there. And the fact that you read it and respond to it, makes my heart so happy.

I would also like to thank Ian, a pasty, funky scot limey [don’t ever call him a scot – editor] who turned me on to this clip. I’ve never been able to get Boo ya tribe and now finally, yes I can.

So after the jump, a hip hop video that references Seinfeld. It will make you smile and shake what your mama gave ya.

Say hello to Wale

This is the other song that got me out of my chair this morning. I’m really digging Wale, a rapper out of the DC area. This video is so much fun, I love how silly he is, the Seinfield shout out is so unexpected! So crank it up and dance it out. Because it time to get grateful ya’ll.


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