Steal these Resolutions

New Years is a reflective time for me. I love the fresh start of the New Year. About a year ago, we made a list of family goals that have really changed our family. Feel free to take this list and make it your own.

"Travel as a family" took us to Europe this year.

"Travel as a family" took us to Europe this summer!

These are not goals to be accomplished in within weeks or months. These are long-term, life priority goals. I think of them as a point on the horizon toward which you steer your ship. Best wishes for the New Year. May it bring you peace and joy.



Ten life lessons learned from the Aughts

Fighting the good fight

Fighting the good fight.

When I look back on the last ten years, I feel like I have just finished some sort of insane endurance race. I feel all grubby, like I have been down in the trenches, rolling around in the dirt. It’s been a decade like no other. And although I think of it as a decade full of strife, anti-intellectualism, and conspicuous consumption, there have been some amazing developments as well. I shall be forever changed for the better by this decade. So before we roll into 2010, I reflect on the big lessons I learned from the Naughts.


Each and every year we bust Christmas Carols

After the jump more, uh, non-traditional,  Christmas songs.


Let’s laugh it out

Community is one of the funniest new shows this season, according to my two best  sources, Entertainment Weekly and Jezzie commentors. This is a sampling of the genius that is Community:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After the jump, three shows guaranteed to make you a fan.  Including a multi-religious Christmas episode made for the post ironic generation.


We’re alive man, it’s okay to feel good.

Good morning! The Jamie Jam on-line open house continues.  We have some serious snow on the east coast. So pour another cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa and start the Sunday before Christmas in a light and joyous place.

After the jump, Matisyahu, Digible Planets and Sublime. Because it’s a hip hop gospel brunch, yo. More

A few of my fav dance moves from the Aughts

There’s more funk after the jump.


Bonita Appleblog’s On-line House Party

Let’s chase those holiday blues away. No matter what you are doing tonight…going out, staying in, snowed in, whatev. I’ll be live blogging tonight and tomorrow.

So come on, let’s get our jolly on! If you subscribe to the blog, you will receive email notifications each time I post. Just click the I gotta have it button in the right hand column. Peace and joy!

Missy Elliot: But like a brick wall, I’m too hard to break

I would name Missy Elliot as one of the ten best hip hop acts of the aughts. She represents the best parts of the dirty south – wickedly clever, hella stylish and made for shakin’ that ass.  You can tell she was raised on a steady diet of hip hop, she always gives respect to those who came before. Missy is the master of pop culture references and shows much love for the founders of hip hop of the 1980’s. For example, this is a shout out to one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time:

If you’s a fat one, put your clothes back on
Before you start putting pot holes in my lawn.

After the jump, my top five Missy Elliot joints and why she was just what hip hop needed to stop taking itself so damn seriously.


Dance like no one is watching

So I posted about my latest hip-hop mix, and how I hoped it would inspire you to dance like no one is watching. And I know most of you reading probably think it’s a nice idea, but still, you stay in your seat. And I’m sorry, that’s simply not good enough. The world would be a better place if everyone took a dance break once in a while. So as I learned in teaching school, you should always model the activity before you ask someone else to do it. So, here goes:

Damn, I feel better. My blood is pumping, my muscles relaxed and my heart feels lighter. All that from one good song kick-ass club thumpah.

So after the jump, a video message to all my homies – on facebook, on Jezebel and of course here on the blog- complete with how to get my gift for YOU.  And of course, a few select jams to help get you up and out your chair.


To the hip-hop maniac, the uptown brainiac

Bonita Applebum,  Cosmic DJ, is back. That’s right, crazy music in the purse lady is back and better than before, as if it was possible. I’m just finishing up the final mix of the year: Bonita’s Back. This completes the ’09 trinity, just in time to help you shake off your holiday funk.

Bonita's Back

Whether you are a hard core hip-hop head, an ass-shaker or just a curious bystander, this latest mix will make you a believer. Featuring hip hop from all over the map, this music will uplift your soul and put a smile in your heart.

So after the jump, a sampling of the artists included and info on how to get a copy of Bonita’s Back.


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