To the hip-hop maniac, the uptown brainiac

Bonita Applebum,  Cosmic DJ, is back. That’s right, crazy music in the purse lady is back and better than before, as if it was possible. I’m just finishing up the final mix of the year: Bonita’s Back. This completes the ’09 trinity, just in time to help you shake off your holiday funk.

Bonita's Back

Whether you are a hard core hip-hop head, an ass-shaker or just a curious bystander, this latest mix will make you a believer. Featuring hip hop from all over the map, this music will uplift your soul and put a smile in your heart.

So after the jump, a sampling of the artists included and info on how to get a copy of Bonita’s Back.

Made for bumpin’ in your system

This is the music that helps me work it out. It’s made for a system with good bass output. I’m all for i-pods for listening to music on the go, it’s a great way to really listen to lyrics. But first and foremost, this music is meant to be blasted.  Loud enough for the bass to vibrate your chakras, loud enough to loosen the pain from your body as you release your mind. On bad days, I take long drives and pump these mixes on the stereo in my car. It always helps. And sure, I get looks. Especially from grumpy, buttoned-up older people who have no time for my shenanigans.  I just respond thusly:

And just try to sit still to one of these mixes. It is impossible. Because I am an ass-shaker first and foremost — it’s the dancing that really gets my shit out. I dance like no one is watching on a regular basis. I pop my chest, snap my shoulders, pound my fists and drop it like it’s hot- as called for by the jam, of course. It’s not about looking good for others, it’s about dancing until it feels better.  Or as Tribe called Quest so eloquently put it:

Stomp til your soul is lifted
Get with it, rhythm’s with it
Get inside the groove and get nasty
Funky nasty, crazy classy

So without further ado:

Blitz the Ambassador is from Ghana, currently in NYC:

This dude, Cadence, is Canadian. I’ve never heard of the other dude, Lynn Olagundoye, but he speaks some wicked truth so simply.  His is some of the best flow on the mix which is really saying something because it’s chock full of excellent lyricism.

And just in case you think this album is too heavy, don’t worry. I’m still the smart-ass you have grown to know and love. xo

Hook me up!

If you would like a copy email me at:  Jezzies can pm me on Jezebel if they would prefer. As always, the first mix is free.

Thanks for stopping by Jezzies! It’s been a great year. See you at Saturday night social!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cosmic mama
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 18:35:33

    my ass almost shook off as I made my way through the new CD. I’ll have to eat some more biscuts. thank you for hitting it hard all the way through. I’m not one for “down time.”


  2. Valkyrie607
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 16:18:41

    Yo, Bonita. I pm’d you on Jezebel.

    I gotta say, the piano player in ‘Bonita Applebum’ reminded me a little bit of Hot Fingers.

    I never heard this Cadence Weapon before, it’s grooving me right now. Here’s to running with the big dogs. Really looking forward to that CD.


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