A few of my fav dance moves from the Aughts

There’s more funk after the jump.

I was up in Cali, crip walkin’ it all night long

I can’t mention the c-walk without showing Snoop. I love when Snoop dances. He’s killed his flow with all the weed but dude is a smooth ass dancer.

Walk it out

I consider this a classic.

This contest is so worth watching in full. Check out how Little Bit does that flair at the end. I love how each dancer makes the dance their own. And I have so much respect for each of them — what a tough crowd and they have to dance alone, on cue, in the middle of the afternoon in a gym with a bad sound system.  I would never have the courage to get up there.

Thunder Clap Hey

You know you are on to something big when you see sixth grade girls doing this dance. And although Lil John pretty much represents the worst of the dirty south, Ludacris is slammin’. And Usher’s dancing is…wait for it….legendary.


Rize blew my mind. The sheer physicality of this dance, it’s like extreme break dancing. I can’t believe the way they can isolate their bodies, I can’t believe what amazing dancers very young children can be. It’s also sweet to watch the big guys watching out and cheering on the young ones.

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