Sowing the seeds of love

I feel like I am on this cosmic mission, but it is a strange mission indeed. I continue to be crazy music in the purse lady. I hoisted a couple of cd’s on this twenty-something on the monorail in Seattle over the holidays. As I handed him Bonita’s Back and Revolucion he gave me a strange look like: Who the hell are you, lady?

And for just a split second, it caused me doubt. I thought: Who am I to be going around giving out hip hop to random strangers on the street? Don’t you know you are white? And old? And as much as I tried to shrug it off, it planted just the tiniest seed of doubt in my head. Maybe my musical mission is really just a strange woman handing out mix-tapes on the street…

But then I stumbled across this Dave Chappelle clip and my commitment to my mission was renewed.  Just look what he did when he trusted his vision:

That my friends, is the power of one. Mad love to Chappelle for pulling off the ultimate hip hop head’s dream line-up. And that came from one man who wanted to share his success and love of music with those around him.

After the jump, more Chapelle, Lupe Fiasco and a little De La Soul  to inspire you to follow that inner voice.

One for the good kids

While the concert in Brooklyn is one of the best line-ups of the Naughts, my favorite parts of the Block Party were the marching band scenes. And the scenes with the college kids at the beginning of the clip. It just made my heart so so happy to watch these hard-working, good kids get rewarded. And the whole thing happened because Dave just listened to the voice within and paid attention to the signs all around:

To the kid on the monorail

I hope you like the music. I assumed because of your age (early twenties) that you listened to some rap. You looked like a nice kid, you were sweet with our kids and your entire family seemed so kind. I wanted to give you something uplifting to throw in the mix. I hoped the lyricism would move you, give you strength, turn you on to some new artists out there. I hope you gave it a listen. If it’s not for you, I hope you would pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. And please know this gift came from a place of love and optimism for us all. xo Bonita

And a note to myself

When people give you a look, just remember  Sir Chuck D’s words: Revolution means change, don’t look at me strange. And never forget that you are planting seeds. It is slow work. Some seeds fall on fertile ground, others blow away in the wind. Things unfold in their own time, all you can do is continue with your work.

The Manifesto for the new Decade

Brought to you by Lupe Fiasco, one of the most under-rated new talents of the Naughts. This youngun’ makes me so proud. Lupito, could you please give us the benediction:


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