Tales from the dance (hall) floor

So every now and again, you got to blow it out. For me, that means going out  dancing until the wee hours. If I’m lucky, it happens a couple of times a year. I’ve been on a killer roll the last few years. I keep picking out just the right spot to get our groove on. And the music gods continue to bless us. Think I’m exaggerating? Last December, I picked out a tiny spot downtown that we had never been to. It was not crowded (score!), totally chill and the opening DJ’s  ENTIRE SET consisted of Tribe Called Quest jams and early nineties hip hop. And then the real DJ, took us to anotha level. Me and Little Sister Applebum blew it out and closed the bar down. Because that’s how we do.

But I digress. This Friday, me and the neph needed to drag our sorry sack selves out of our self imposed hermithood. We needed to blow it out in the worst way. So I picked up my entertainment bible, The Stranger and perused the Friday night options. The winner: Dub Lounge International. And all I can say is, they made this Santa Fe girl’s reggae heart SO glad. They made me a a believer, while taking me back home to my roots.

After the jump, tales from the dancehall floor.



How Sir Mix-A-Lot led me to Seattle

I’ve never told this story to anyone, simply because they would laugh. This is a silly story, but I swear it’s true. When I was 26, I had been in Albuquerque for two years and knew I needed a change. I loved being back in New Mexico after the Peace Corps, but I had a strong sense that I was never meant to stay in NM.

I started considering places to move. I ruled out most of the US really quickly. Back east has too much snow and cold. (This also ruled out the mid-west.) The south was too hot and muggy. Texas and Arizona were still too close to home. (I mean seriously, Phoenix is Albuquerque-west.) California? I love to visit, but could not deal with the cost of living. So there I was. Where to go, where to go? More

Year of the Metal Tiger

Suzanne White’s prediction for year of the Metal Tiger:

All Tiger years are turbulent. Political unrest, coups d’états, and catastrophes may strike during these action-packed years. On the other hand, for many, Tiger years represent luck incarnate. Tigers are lucky beasts. Keeping a Tiger person close by or in your very home will protect you from fire and theft.

This year prudence is advised in all new undertakings. During a Tiger year, nobody should leap before he examines either venture or adventure. The Tiger, though noble and honorable, endows his years with uncertainty. He tends to court danger and espouse change. Tigers never know where they might pounce next.  In Tiger years, from time to time the the rest of us to face head-on collisions with our own enemies. When we least expect that calamity, it surges out of nowhere. Much strength may be required of us during these testy times. Best way to deal is not to anticipate disorder or worry about what might happen next. Prepare for the worst. But think positively.

After the jump, the rest of her prediction and some other ways to celebrate and honor El Tigre Chino!


We’re bringing back the mix tape

My sharing of my cosmic mixes has been well documented on this blog. The last few weeks, I extended the circle a little further, I sent out my second batch of mixes to some Jezzies. It was a really big moment. I’m so excited to share this music with my homegirls.

You better know a jezzie.

You better know a jezzie.

After the jump, some great mix stories and some KILLER joints from White Girls Rap 1. Because we’re bringing the mix tape back , yo!


Reach Out!

The isolation among us is costing us all dearly. We waste money on entertainment because we don’t know how connect with those around us. We waste money constantly shopping for our own EVERYTHING, when so much could be done without or shared between multiple users.We avoid our neighbors, why? Too busy to engage? Afraid they may want to talk again some time in the future?

I don’t think we ever intended to create this lonely, vaguely hostile environment we live in, but it’s becoming insufferable. We have more than ever before (way more than our fair share!) yet we are isolated, disconnected and in-debt with little to show for it. Our money, our time, our relationships, our communities – all these things suffer as a result of our over-consumption and wasteful behavior. The only way to feel better is to live better. And the first step to living better is reaching out to those around you.

Halloween in the Hood.

So after the jump, ways to reach out to neighbors, friends and strangers. Because the only way this world is going to change is if we all start doing something differently.