It’s a thing: Jezzie Sister Solstice

I just had my first jezzie meet-up. Ms. Scout and myself had lunch in Capitol Hill and it was AWESOME. While there, we started scouting (he he) locals for the Seattle Sister Solstice in the park. What’s that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

What up, jezzie nation!

After the jump, my vision for the Jezzie Sister Solstice in the park! Because if you haven’t heard , it’s a thing. And everyone is invited to this party!



The best (on-line) friends a homegirl could have

I have something wonderful to share from Jezebel this week. As you may know, my on-line community. I’ve been a reader and commenter there for years. In January, I earned my star, which is a big deal in the jezzie universe.  It’s hard to explain to someone who spends little time on-line.  It’s a feminist blog, but that sounds so dull and angry. It’s not.

It’s a rambunctious, lively place with whip-smart women reading and responding to current news and media. There are informed opinions, coupled with humor and a refusal to take any of it too seriously. This community is highly educated with students, writers, lawyers, stay at home moms, techies, and everyone in between. And slowly, over time, it has evolved into the coolest group of friends I have ever known.

After the jump, the nicest compliment I have ever received and a whole lot of ass shakers, because it’s a jezzy celebration. And we likes to shake our moneymakers, don’t we jezebels and jezebeaus?


Words to live by – Pop’s Reprise by Common

Common’s album Be is a favorite. And this song is the last song of the album. These words make my soul sing. Different lines speak to my heart at different times, but two of my favorites right now are: Be high when you’re low, be on-time and know when to go. And a life goal is to:  Be loved by God as much as God loved Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

After the jump, the lyrics in their entirety. I hope they bring you comfort and inspiration as they have done for me.


No woman, no cry

Amazing how fast life can change on you. You are plugging along and you wake up one day and everything changes. Well, we had three days like that last week. Funny how when it rains, it pours. And all you can do is just keep plugging along, knowing better days will come.

I have been reading Rita Marley’s most amazing book No Woman, No Cry. It’s amazing to hear the stories of Bob Marley as a young man in love, father and visionary. It was inspiring to hear Sister Rita’s story of self-discovery, growth and healing. She had to face such darkness and difficulties, yet she came out with her head held high.

After the jump, wisdom from Nana Rita’s most excellent book, as I seek to bring healing to myself, my family and our global village.


Santa Fe House Party

So the trip to NM got canceled. Family business kept me home and it was the right decision. But I’m sad as hell because I really wanted to hang out with my homies – Amy, Fishy, Chico, Henry, Big Pat and Kev (both of them). And we are all such slackers NONE of us made it back this week. So what we have heah is a two tears in a bucket situation. Instead, we shall have the next best thing, a Bonita Appleblog on-line party and a new plan to reunite in July, when we would actually  have time to plan of it.

So Ima start the party up with a shout out to my college homeboy, Kev, who had KILLER taste in music back then. He was a hip hop head for sure and he really turned me on to a lot of deep stuff, including KRS-One, Tribe and Beastie Boys (including the grossly under-rated, Paul’s Boutique). So until we all kick it in Santa, let’s hop in the way back machine. It’s 1994, ya’ll and it’s the golden age of hip hop.

Check back soon. I have more dedications and whatever musings come to mind. But I’m just enjoying the hell out of a mix of mine from 2002 called “La Smoove” and it’s taking me back to 1994 and those lazy, hazy, crazy days of birkenstocks, desert sun and cross colors gears, yo!

So after the jump, Fu Schicken, Black Sheep, Tribe and all kinds of insanity from the early nineties. When hip hop was exploding and the good guys were taking it all to the next level.


We’re talking about moving a mountain

“But it can only be moved by the subtlest of means. It can be moved by water, one drop at a time. It can be moved by wind, one breath at a time. We’re talking about moving a mountain that says the we feel that the human interests, the natural interests and the spiritual interests of this planet need to begin to take a priority over the corporate interests, the military interests and the materilistic interst of this planet.”

Yes, yes and YES! Thanks so much to UtterNutter, these words speak to my soul. Mad love! And big ups to Micheal Franti and Spearhead! Keep fighting the good fight, one song at a time! xo

More songs that make my soul sing after the jump! More

Santa Fe is calling me home

Since writing the post about How Sir Mix-A-Lot led me to Seattle, it seems like the planets have aligned. Like things are so on right now, it’s kind of freaking me out. Don’t believe me, let me tell you about the last week.

As I mentioned, me and the nephew attended a most excellent reggae show at a club I’d never been to. What I didn’t tell you was that one of the first things I  saw was a sign that was so meaningful, I almost caught the vapors.

After the jump, the amazing sign and all sorts of other good things leading me back home.