We’re talking about moving a mountain

“But it can only be moved by the subtlest of means. It can be moved by water, one drop at a time. It can be moved by wind, one breath at a time. We’re talking about moving a mountain that says the we feel that the human interests, the natural interests and the spiritual interests of this planet need to begin to take a priority over the corporate interests, the military interests and the materilistic interst of this planet.”

Yes, yes and YES! Thanks so much to UtterNutter, these words speak to my soul. Mad love! And big ups to Micheal Franti and Spearhead! Keep fighting the good fight, one song at a time! xo

More songs that make my soul sing after the jump!

Rusted Root

I had the good fortune to see this show at Paolo Soleri. It was a religious experience of sorts, the energy was amazing. This song also totally reminds me of my homegirl, Sarah G, an og from Santa Fe. She loves her some Rusted Root and she can do a deadhead dance that leaves me rolling on the floor every time.

And I don’t know why this song just came into my head, but it’s almost embarrassing how literal this video is for what I’m going back to NM to do. I’m heading back to move forward. And I can’t promise you I won’t dance in the middle of a deserted highway, I’ve certainly done THAT more than once. But I can promise I won’t hang out with a big pack of earnest whiteys doing a goofy hand circle. That would be a little much. And I will respect that this video found me and it is a powerful, lovely song complete with footage of Northern New Mexico. As I said, the planets are aligned.

De La Soul

I remember the moment in high school when I heard Me, Myself and I for the first time. It was in Santa Fe in spring of my junior year. Mark was holding a tape with a crazy bright cover with the flowers and the rest is history. These boys won me over with 3 Feet High and Rising and I have been a huge fan ever since. My name refers to a Tribe Called Quest song, but it’s also a shout out to the entire Native Tongue Family – Tribe, De La and JB’s.  They have their own section in my cd collection. I own just about all their albums. (Hard to keep up with De La)

I would argue that JB’s, De La and Tribe were some of the first to see the need for an enlightened path. They understood that this music could be used used to build up or destroy.  They made a conscious decision  to use it to make it better for everyone. And it always looked (sounded) as if they were having fun doing what they loved and on a mission they believed in. I make a clear distinction between hip hop and rap and the Native Family were some of the architects who created the foundations for hip hop.

But really, we just came here to party. And it’s not Club West, it’s Club Ooh.

And I have to go there! Word to us little Santa Fe badasses with our underground music.


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