Santa Fe House Party

So the trip to NM got canceled. Family business kept me home and it was the right decision. But I’m sad as hell because I really wanted to hang out with my homies – Amy, Fishy, Chico, Henry, Big Pat and Kev (both of them). And we are all such slackers NONE of us made it back this week. So what we have heah is a two tears in a bucket situation. Instead, we shall have the next best thing, a Bonita Appleblog on-line party and a new plan to reunite in July, when we would actually  have time to plan of it.

So Ima start the party up with a shout out to my college homeboy, Kev, who had KILLER taste in music back then. He was a hip hop head for sure and he really turned me on to a lot of deep stuff, including KRS-One, Tribe and Beastie Boys (including the grossly under-rated, Paul’s Boutique). So until we all kick it in Santa, let’s hop in the way back machine. It’s 1994, ya’ll and it’s the golden age of hip hop.

Check back soon. I have more dedications and whatever musings come to mind. But I’m just enjoying the hell out of a mix of mine from 2002 called “La Smoove” and it’s taking me back to 1994 and those lazy, hazy, crazy days of birkenstocks, desert sun and cross colors gears, yo!

So after the jump, Fu Schicken, Black Sheep, Tribe and all kinds of insanity from the early nineties. When hip hop was exploding and the good guys were taking it all to the next level.

Who is the nicest in your neighborhood?

Don’t let the cartoonish antics, goofy hair and many, many pop culture references fool you, there is some serious style and lyricism going on here. Fu Schnicken’s, Black Sheep, Positive K — their fame was short lived, but it was some really good hip hop. These are all the direct descendants of the Native Tongue Family. And seriously, these songs are a blast, they totally stand the test of time. It is impossible not to get up out of your seat and *ironic airquotes* jump around as they called it back in those days of high-waisted pants and high-top fades. So what up, Doc? (Another homie from back in the day. Word to the Aggies!)

Even if we wanted to, the flock can not be weak

This is really how we danced back then. You can laugh all you want, but you know it looks fun. And let me tell you, to be in a packed club when this one came on late, dayum.  We danced to this in Juarez, Mexico when we were college students and this jam would tear the roof off. This is the one where everyone would throw their drink down, and get their ass on the floor. Becuse it was live! And it was a one two combo, because if you were in a club and heard, The Choice is Yours, I guarantee you also danced to this classic of the early ninties:


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  1. big pat
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 11:02:53

    Erin you rule! You brought back so many memories. Give me a call sometime I’d love to chat. Love you. Patricio


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