Hot child in the city

My bestie left a message the other day which ended with, “Otherwise, everything is great.  Me and the kids are just enjoying the hell out of summer.” That immediately became my mantra for these first weeks of August and I recommend the same for you. We are closing in on the last few (and arguably best) weeks of summer.  So if there is anything you still want to do, you better get on it. Because this is a special time of year and I hope you are enjoying the hell out of it.

Summer in the City

So after the jump, ways to enjoy summer and a recipe for the best potato salad ever.



Dream Board Saturday

She's crafty

This weekend I wanted to make some time for relaxation and self-care. I have been feeling a dream board coming on for months. I’ve been collecting beautiful cards, notes, art and pictures with the intent of making a inspirational collage when I had some time.

After the jump, samples, ideas, inspirational music and my work of art!