Like the phoenix, I rise again

This poem speaks to my heart, ya’ll.

Say you finally invented a new story
of your life. It is not the story of your defeat
or of your impotence and powerlessness
before the large forces of wind and accident.

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It is not the sad story of your mother’s death
or of your abandoned childhood. It is not,
even, a story that will win you the deep
sympathies of the benevolent goddesses
or the care of the generous, but it is a story
that requires of you a large thrust
into a difficult life, a sense of plenitude
entirely your own. Whatever the story is,
it goes as it goes, and there are vicissitudes
in it, gardens that need to be planted,
skills sown, the long hard labors
of prose and enduring love. Deep down
in some long-encumbered self,
it is the story you have been writing
all your life, where no Calypso holds you
against your own willfullness,
where there are no longer dark caves
for you to be imprisoned in,
where you can rise
from the bleak island of your old story
and tread your way home.

– Michael Blumenthal

I’m sure this poem means different things to different people. It speaks to me about growing up and moving on from the past. Moving into adulthood, with all it’s related responsibilities is “a large thrust into a difficult life, [requiring] a sense of plenitude entirely your own.” Everyone encounters adversity. The question is: how are you going to handle it? I’ve tried to handle it with a sense of acceptance, compassion and gratitude.

The long hard labors of prose and enduring love

So much of the last year has been just rolling up my sleeves and facing our vicissitude of fortune. I have made some hard choices and done some hard work, but I am grateful to have the problems I’ve had. And I am grateful for the loving support of a sister and bestie who stood by me and reminded me on the darkest of days, “You will get through this. Like the phoenix, you will rise again.”

And sure enough, I have left the bleak island of my old story to tread my way home.

Living my life like it’s golden

Time for some more Jill Scott.

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  1. Qweerdo
    May 08, 2011 @ 19:45:46

    Hey Girl, Hey!

    Here’s a link to the video I posted.

    The video’s not that special but I really want you to hear this version of 1999. I could burn you a copy if you want.

    Good to see you today.



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