Bonita is mixing for the Lord

I’m making a little music mix for a thank you at the church. Are you scared? Don’t worry, I can keep it clean. If fact I welcome the challenge, I’ve been wanting to make more family-friendly mixes.

My criteria was simple, I picked songs that open my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Good music has a way of doing that, there’s a reason it’s a crucial part of the worship experience. I’ve long used music to uplift and inspire, I’m honored to share some songs that move me and make my heart sing.

After the jump, three more songs to uplift you and bring joy to your soul.

Now hear this mixture, where hip hop meets scripture

The young Lauryn Hill in this video kills me. It’s easy to forget she was only 21 when she began production for The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, one of the best hip hop albums of the nineties.

The concept and execution of this video is amazing, all the way down to the piece of paper getting caught on the needle which dulls the sound of the video. It’s no accident Lauryn has a Lion of Judah behind her in the cafe. At the time, she was greatly inspired by the Marley family and the Rastafari religion.

How can we sing our sacred song in a strange land?

Rivers of Babylon is a favorite reggae song because it references this lovely scripture: Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight. Psalm 19:14.

There are many great covers, I included a gospel version by Sweet Honey in the Rocks on the church mix. But for this blog post, I had to include Sublime’s live version, which I listen to on a regular basis. What can I say? I love the harmonies and the I’m a sucker for  marimba.

Pass it on

Mr. Marley, could you lead the benediction?


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