I heart the Electric Company

Electric Company is so awesome. The little Applebums have just discovered it on Netflix on-demand. And with guest appearances by Common, Nee-yo and Jimmy Fallon (all in one episode no less!) mama loves to watch it with them. This clip featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda is so clever and the flow is killer:

After the jump. some killer clips featuring some hip hop all-stars. And a clip of my favorite character, Danny Rebus. Because seriously, if I could send him a fan letter, I totally would!



Going Euro

I went to Portland on the train over the holidays last year. We caught the bus to the train station and then used all public transit when we got to Portland. In P-town, all of our public transit was free  because we stayed  downtown in the free zone and never left. It was the perfect holiday, with lots of walking, riding and relaxing.

I love ditching the car. It feels great to avoid all the driving, traffic and parking. It’s good for the planet and my health. It sets a good example for the kids and reduces the amount of pollution I put into the atmosphere.  I call it going Euro and it means leaving the car behind whenever possible.

So after the jump, what it means to go euro and tips for getting yourself started in the wacky world of public transit. Because really, you know you should and you’ll be glad you did.


Ghetto superstar, that is what you are

So I looked this song up, after reading about the backstory. I’d heard the song before, but never seen the video. Turns out, it’s pure summer goodness. And of course, seeing ODB, got me craving a couple of his old school classics.

Just in time for the weekend, three must-see videos that will send you scurrying off to i-tunes to purchase these most excellent summer ass-shakers, which is what I did. This is what I’ll be bumpin’ on the way to the lake this weekend.

After the jump, the back story for Ghetto Superstar and my two favorite ODB songs, with videos that just keep getting better and better. So turn it up, but be forewarned there will be very offensive lyrics. His name is Ol’ Dirty Bastard, what do you expect?