Bonita Applebum live blogs Drop it like it’s Hot

This video is a classic. I can watch it over and over, it never gets old.  I like Snoop more for his moves than his lyrics. (I blame the copious amounts of California kush.) His lyrics can be hit or miss, his dancing is always on. I don’t know how he can keep those wicked long limbs graceful, but he does. And Pharrell, he is perfect measures of swag and silly. Both these dudes are hilarious which makes this video so much fun!

After the jump. the video and my play-by-play  to ensure you miss NONE of the awesomeness. Enjoy!

Bonita breaks it down

0:13 – I love it when Snoop crip walks.

0:17 – Gotta have the shout-out to Long Beach. Did you know that there’s so much drama in the LBC  it’s kinda hard being Snoop D-O-Double G.

0:30 – I am going to teach the little Applebums to stand behind me and do that dance with me. They are 3 and 5 so we will probably use a different song…

0:51 – That is the most unnatural shot of a boat a person could take.

1:03- Dang P, that is cold blooded!

1:09- With the skills to make you feel like chinchillas in the heat is the best line in a jam chock full of killer flow!

1:17- Pharrell’s a ham. This is the first of many killer facial expressions. Not easy to steal the show from Snoop, but he does.

1:23-  – I love that he owns Lil Skateboard P! I credit Pharrell and  Lupe Fiasco for bringing skateboarding to  hip hop culture.

1:31- Back in 2005, when I was teaching, I told a kindergarten teacher that I saw some of her students doing some wicked moves when I was on duty at recess. She didn’t even bat and eye and said, “Oh, we drop it like it’s hot all the time.” I swear one of the children danced just like this chick. I was both in awe and slightly concerned I was seeing a future fast girl.

1:38- How can he be so funny and hot with one little gesture? Science, could you please look into this?

1:51- If you weren’t sure he was a gangsta, just check the 50 lb fur jacket he’s wearing.

1:54- The only thing I love more than Snoops braids are when he steps up just a-swingin’ his hair.

1:57- Nice trike. Now there can be no question, you are definitely dealing with a gansta.

2:21- Wait, the only thing I love more than his braids and his swinging goldie locks are his pigtails!

2:26- Resist all urge to bring back -izzle. You may use it once today, BUT THAT IS IT! (I already used mine up.)

2:33- I played bass drum in the high school marching band. His sons look cool , I only ever looked embarrassed…and tired because that thing was heavy.

2:42- I can dance. Well. But if I ever tried to achieve that tight snap that she’s got going on, I’m pretty sure I’d throw my back out. At the very least, a lot of ibuprofen would be needed. This should be left to the professionals…and gifted kindergartners.

3:03- I get that Snoop is going for sharp, but between all the white clothes and how that jersey almost looks like a sweater vest, I’m seeing a dude about to go play cricket.

3:07- My favorite moment of the video. Pharrell’s face is hilarious. My son does a similar exaggerated angry look when we’re messing with each other and it makes me laugh every time.

3:54- He’s doing a modified chicken dance. And he’s pulling it off. I LOVE a person that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

4:04-  Says Pharrell: Oh did you miss my modified chicken, I can do it again.

4:05- And here’s the close-up for the homies in the back.

4:09- Says the car: Hey boat, nice angle. Ima try that.

4:13- Flash those chucks.

4:22- Like father like son. Looks like they both like to have the last word…

My other fav Pharrell video

I love the beat, I love the art direction.  And Pharrell’s bedroom eyes make my knees go weak. I could do without the objectification.

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