I wear my girbauds so I can wait with pride

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

This was another album that I discovered years after it came out. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien has been holding it down with Hieroglyphics since forever. I Wish My Brother George was Here is a great album, I had trouble picking which songs to use. I don’t know what it is about Del’s flow, but he has always struck me as someone who read a lot growing up. Also, he seems to have loved his girbauds ALMOST as much as me, back in the day. I had them in every color, pants and shorts.

I love how he starts this song on the up-beat,  it’s like he’s entering double dutch ropes. Del and Ice Cube are cousins. Ice Cube produced this album and he plays characters in some skits but doesn’t rap. Cube talks about tryin to get Del to go gansta, after the jump.

Never make friends with the fraudulent foes

Says Cube: I be tryin’ to have him to do like some gangsta shit, but he ain’t with it. I guess he like one of them handkerchief hat wearing m-f’s.


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