Time to shake your money maker

Bonita Appleblog is having a BIG week. We passed 30,000 page views and just lauched on Twitter. It’s time to celebrate. I am going to drop an ass shaker every hour for the next 30 hours. Can I do it? Hells yeah. Why? Because I got it like that.

I had to start the party right with the JB’s, but really, it’s the Fatboy slim remix of the song that gets me out of my seat EVERY TIME. Turn it up, after the jump.

Just a cool young brother that looks like kinda old

It’s a crime I haven’t done a post on the Jungle Brothers. Everyone knows Tribe and De La, but JB’s were their inspiration back in the day. I’ll put it on the list, because the young’uns need to know the source material.

Check back in an hour! xo

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ophelia
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 23:15:49

    Heh… this is the third comment I’ve left in as many minutes, so please forgive me! Still, I’m wondering how you–as, I presume, a feminist–make sense of the phrase “money maker” in reference to a woman’s ass. I’m not exactly partial to language that reducing a woman’s body to its monetary value.

    I admit I might be overly sensitive here; still, I don’t get how how you can write so emphatically about the equality and women’s rights and be okay with hip hop culture. I know not all of it is bad, but seriously… Biggie? Method Man? (“Girl don’t waste that / swallow it all..) Ugh.


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