Hot like hot sauce

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

Rhymefest has a special place in my heart. I would love to hang out with him, he just feels like a male version of me. He’s funny, it permeates everything he does. And I don’t mean clever, I mean make you laugh out loud funny. In Buttercup, he says, “You ever seen when Harry met Sally? It’s kinda like what I’m going through.”

He has always embraced his roots, he’s never tried to put distance between where he is now and where he started. It’s not the same as rappers always trying to  be appear hood, Rhymefest is just real and authentic, such as calling his debut album Blue Collar.  I did a post on Those Chi City Boys – Lupe, Rhymefest, Common and Kanye There’s a lot of talent out of that area and they have supported each other which is nice to see.

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