I use this all the time. Of course, nobody knows what I’m referring to, but it’s funny to me and it never gets old. I was so happy when I found this clip today. I LOVE Tisha Campbell so much, I’ve loved her since House Party and Martin, and I really enjoyed her on this show. They were the next generation Cosby family. She and Damon were great together as a successful, loving couple who worked hard to raise their kids well.

After the jump, two hilarious dance scenes including a killer breakdance crew dance-off. I love the Zoolander breakdace fight, but those clowns got nothing on Micheal Kyle at his 1985 High School Reunion.

Everybody form a Soul Train

This is an example of Tisha’s comedy genius. It can’t be easy to play opposite Damon Wayans, but she makes it look easy. Whatever he pitches to her, she knocks out the park.  I love when beautiful women act like they could care less about their looks. Tisha is gorgeous, but what you think after you see her  is how talented she is and she always keeps it real. Still aren’t convinced? Check out how she takes it low at 1:52.

Don’t kill my crush groove

This is an amazing hip hop dance scene in such an unexpected place. I love how they take it completely over the top. Tisha is hilarious on the sidelines, all tough high school girlfriend. Everything in this scene is pitch perfect, from the gear on the crews, to the 1980’s trash talk (Let’s do this like Brutus!),  to the song  choices of White Lines and Planet Rock. When the music starts, the crews go to work.  When they played Work It  for Micheal’s big move at the end, I cheered. Enjoy!


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