What needs to happen to you to get you to do something?

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Seattle movements over the last few weeks. I stopped by Occupy Seattle yesterday afternoon. This was before the police arrests were made and Parks and Recreation removed the tents. I’m heading back right now.

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I just keep thinking that we all felt so great about getting Obama elected and then we went back to sleep. And now we criticize Obama but did we keep up our side of the deal? Did we get more socially aware and politically active? Because I sort of went back to my life. And now it seems things are not better, in fact, most people I know are worse off than they were a year ago.

So after the jump. a few things to think about and at least one thing you must do NOW.

Crabs in a barrel

When I saw this letter on the We are the 99% tumblr and I could no longer stay blind:

I have a BA and an MA in econ, 10 years work experience in my field and I have been unemployed for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, almost 1 year now. So much for the “knowlege economy.” I will dig ditchess to be able to take care of my family again.

We know who caused the “crises.” I’m looking at you Merrill, Citibank, S&P and the SEC.  You all should be in jail. Instead you get bonuses. And tax cuts. Ad tax expenditures. And bailouts. We got laid off, our bus routes cut, our schools closed and our pensions frozen. My husband nearly DIED for this country. Now Wall Street’s GOP stooges in DC are trying to take away the measly $125 disability check the VA sends him so the “job creators” of America can have more tax breaks to pay themselves more bonuses. [emphasis mine]

The pursuit of the American dream has become a crabs in a barrel situation. The only way out is to climb out on top of the backs of everyone else. And the “everyone else” pile is getter bigger and wider and the climb is getting steeper with fewer people making it out. I can’t help thinking that if I get a job, that helps me and mine, but what about everyone else? We can’t just focus on ourselves, we have to work make it better for everyone.

So I’m deciding on how I feel about the Occupy Seattle movement, I am going to go to a General Assembly meeting to get more info. This movement is forming, we need cool-headed thinking people out there supporting the first wave of people who are brave enough to act. I am glad there are people out there thinking of the common good not just individual benefit.

We can’t keep doing more of the same

A movement needs momentum and direction. Find a place to jump in and get involved. If this isn’t your cause, find one that is. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If not, we are all destined to more of the same.

And quit your too big to fail bank

Bank of America has caused so many people to loose so much. I have to take my business elsewhere.  I just can’t take any more of their greed and corruption. They have no remorse for what they did, just a greater sense of entitlement. Because they didn’t just get away with it, they got bail-outs, bonuses and still greater salaries. Buh bye, B of A. I shall miss your the convenience, but at least I can respect myself as a consumer and socially responsible person.


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  1. Amanda McClung Hand
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 16:40:13

    They want us to pay a high price for those conveniences.

    Like buying milk at the 7-11.

    I heard Wells Fargo is going to charge fees soon. Don’t know what we’ll do when that happens but it won’t be pretty.


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