The occupy movement needs you

You can keep doing nothing, but those that are exploiting us are showing no signs of letting up. In fact, they are getting more bold because they have been allowed to act outside the law with no negative consequences. Those that have caused others to loose homes, livelihoods and retirements continue to compensate themselves handsomely. And the media would have us believe that if we just keep working harder and spending (read increasing debt) in this consumer based economy, things will somehow get better for us. Eventually.

IT WON”T. Not doing anything guarantees more of the same. People are trying to stand up for something different and they need your help.  After the jump, pictures of democracy at its most basic level. It’s not easy but it’s exciting to see people who are willing to take a stand against corporations that are too big to fail and running amok.

He is the 99%, he is our friend

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Occupy Seattle

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to Occupy Seattle on Thursday evening. I was concerned that it was starting to get rowdy. When I arrived, I witnessed an organized, managed, peaceful demonstration with a lot of open discussion. Each evening they have open work group meetings at 4 pm. They stand in different areas and each group holds up a sign such as Process and Facilitation, Tactical, Demands, and Internet Communication. Anyone can participate in any workgroup.

I enjoyed listening to the issues being discussed in all the workgroups. There was an emphasis on consensus and letting everyone get heard. I really enjoyed listening in on all of the discussions while I decide if I want to put my support behind this group. The “march” was announced when a woman strolled over to our discussion group and said, “We are going to take a walk if anyone wants to go.” We did.

General Assembly

The General Assembly starts at 6:30 in the evening. If you are curious about the Occupy Movement, I highly recommend you stop by during their General Assembly. It gives you a real feel for the group and their priorities. There are procedures complete with call and response, repeating the speaker and hand signals.

It reminds me of the state caucus system when work is being done at the most grassroots level. Real discussion is not possible in soundbites, status updates and tweets. We need to talk, discuss the problems, and decide what needs to be done to hold our lawmakers and the stakeholders accountable to the 99%.

We have to stop being so comfortable in our little bubbles and find a lifestyle that is sustainable for us all. These systems are not made by nature. They were made by us so we can change them. People are quick to complain yet slow to act. We have to wake up and get involved. It won’t get better on its own.

Don’t wait for the election

The stakes are getting higher. People have lost jobs, now they are losing homes, insurance and savings. And hope. Our politicians are a joke, we don’t need another multi-million dollar election cycle.  It is just one more opportunity for special interests to buy politicians so they may all continue to operate outside the law. I think Obama is doing the best he can, but he is so bogged down in the political quagmire that nothing gets accomplished.  We have our smartest, best man on the job but it’s unrealistic to thing he can do everything on his own.

We need to help by exerting pressure on the system.  Things will only change when there is impetus to do so and so far we have not demanded better.  No wonder corporations run amok while politicians do nothing. Why would they change? They are all benefiting handsomely from the system as it is. They are the 1%.

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