Run to the sun while the bass goes boom

I got some amazing new music and some time. I am long overdue on this year’s mix-tape series, I’m glad to have some time to get it all together. Right now I am working on disc 2: Rebirth, Reboot. This song is featured, I can’t get enough of Zion and the Grouch these days. They bring out the west coast b-girl in me. Mad love to Oakland, they’ve been holding it down for 10 years with amazing, enlightened underground hip hop with the bass that goes BOOM!

This song is such a throwback to early NWA while being totally modern. That booming bassline was made for a stompin’ system in a car. I play this song LOUD, as it was meant to be heard. Those pounding beats vibrate your lower chakras, scratching an itch you didn’t know you had. This song is pure west coast at its finest: clever, laid-back, and hella danceable.

We are lost but we are not alone

Here is the introduction for the latest collaboration between the Grouch and Zion I titled Heroes in the Healing of a Nation. It’s an excellent album from the jump, I highly recommend you purchase it. This is the intro by Brother Ali. His preachers delivery style always makes me want to yell, “Amen!”


And lest you forget, they are from Cali….

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