God is love and hatin’ is Satan

This song is so up-lifting, it moves me every time I hear it. Murs is a great lyricist with a positive message. I’m making a list of songs that could be  used in youth education and this song definitely makes the cut. If left to their own devices, young people will gravitate toward bad rap music. I just want to show them the good stuff that is out there, beyond the mainstream.

After the jump, some uplifting lyrics from this song and a new video featuring Murs without his dreads. I don’t know when that happened, but he’s a whole new dude.

So don’t misuse this gift you’ve been given

Check the lyrics from the second verse of Everything:

God is love
And hatin’ is Satan
Zen-like patience got me sittin’ here waitin’
On the day when it’s okay to love
When black men won’t pretend that they are thugs
When teachers and doctors are treated like celebrities
You can get a job even if you got a felony
Check out my melody
Let’s live in harmony
We in this together, no man has autonomy
No man is an island
Immune to the violence
This rap race is no place to raise a child in
What’s wrong with smiling’?
What’s wrong with peace?
What’s wrong with squashin’  beef before they label you deceased?
Swallow your pride before you choke on your issues
I know you got family and folks that’ll miss you
So don’t misuse this gift you’ve been given
This life’s but a dream you are blessed to be livin’

I don’t follow, I’m a leader

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  1. darryl collins
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 23:50:21

    Thanks for sharing.


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