How do we check our privilege?

Taken from Checking your Privilege 101 published by the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois.

Action steps to checking privilege:

1) Acknowledge that the privilege exists, 2) move away from immobilizing guilt, 3) understand that your privilege will not go away until the root systems that give you privilege are abolished, 4) be an ally to communities you are not a part of, 5) recognize how and why your privilege can destruct community empowerment, 6) use your privilege to benefit groups you are not a part of, 7) educate others with your privilege to check themselves, and 8) call people out and embrace being called out about privilege.

After the jump, New Black Woman breaks  it down for us all.



And now a moment of silence for my i-pod

Me and the i-pod during happier times

I have dropped my i-pod classic many times but yesterday was different. When I was getting out of the car, it flew out of my lap and hit the asphalt parking lot. I thought nothing of it, as it had survived so many awful drops before. Yet when I went to turn it on, all I saw was a picture of a sick i-pod with x’s for eyes  and the web address for i-pod support. That’s when I knew it was serious, I started to worry that was the Apple equivalent of the blue screen of death.

I turned the i-pod over to look at the back and it made a rattling sound. Hmmm, that’s new. I turned it over again, same noise, like something large was moving around inside. That’s when I called it, there’s just no coming back from knocking a piece loose. So I shall pour some coffee on the keyboard and say good-bye to my first i-pod. I couldn’t imagine the last six years without it.

Real talk

Real talk

This message brought to you by the letter Wu.



Run to the sun while the bass goes boom

I got some amazing new music and some time. I am long overdue on this year’s mix-tape series, I’m glad to have some time to get it all together. Right now I am working on disc 2: Rebirth, Reboot. This song is featured, I can’t get enough of Zion and the Grouch these days. They bring out the west coast b-girl in me. Mad love to Oakland, they’ve been holding it down for 10 years with amazing, enlightened underground hip hop with the bass that goes BOOM!

This song is such a throwback to early NWA while being totally modern. That booming bassline was made for a stompin’ system in a car. I play this song LOUD, as it was meant to be heard. Those pounding beats vibrate your lower chakras, scratching an itch you didn’t know you had. This song is pure west coast at its finest: clever, laid-back, and hella danceable.


Put your back into it like your grandma do it

LAST SONG! The 3o hour dance party CONCLUDES: #30AssShakers30Hours

You know we had to have a big finish, who better to close this down than Daddy Fat Sacks Sir Lucious L. Leftfoot, The Son of Chico Dusty Big Boi. This album is outstanding, I did a post about it when it came out. In fact, just hearing it now, I am compelled to go listen to it in it’s entirety as soon as I finish this post.

I was so sad when Outkast decided to pursue solo projects. But in retrospect, it has been a good thing. Big Boi was always in Andre’s shadow. I think most of us assumed he was the lesser talent, when in fact, he is not. After really getting to know Big Boi’s flow and voice from Sir Lucious Leftfoot, I realized that for many Outkast songs, I thought his flow was Andre. Embarrassing to admit, but I’ll bet you’ve done the same without realizing it.

After the jump, a classic Outkast cut, featuring one of my favorite videos.

Thanks for celebrating with me. I really, really hope Twitter doesn’t go all MySpace on me, now that I’ve finally gotten to the party.


In love with the kid because he’s underground

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

Talib Kweli is so talented. His voice is distinctive, his flow is clear. Both his parents worked at a university, his mother was a professor and his father was an administrator, so you know education was a priority growing up. I was so moved by his song, the Manifesto, that I did an entire blog post about the song complete with the lyrics for the last verse.

Reflection Eternal is a collaboration between Talib and Hi Tek and their album, Revolutions per Minute came out last year. It’s a great album, I highly recommend you purchase it in it’s entirety, preferably from a record store. This song, featuring Estelle is a favorite. So retro and modern at the same time. And I love the art direction and styling of the video, they both look so sharp.

Let me get some action from the back section

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

Couldn’t wrap this party up without hearing from the Boys.  Every album they drop is different from the last as they continue to grow and evolve as musicians. And it speaks volumes that they have stayed together for 25 years. (!) It’s always been an equal collaboration. I read an article about them in Rolling Stone where they joked that if one of them makes the lunch decision, the other two are like, “Oh, so your the leader of the group now.” These guys are funny, but you’ve heard their lyrics, you know this.  They also  do the most wildly creative videos.

After the jump, an AMAZING video of my favorite song off the  new album.

It’s Friday the 13th, guess who’s playing Jason?

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

I’m enjoying Nicki Minaj, I have hopes for that young’un. I spoke earlier about my feelings towards Lil Kim and I know to some people, Nicki probably looks pretty much the same. But I think there is a big difference between the two women.

Lil Kim never seemed to try to get beyond always being a sexual object. And she had flow, but it felt hyper-sexual and often got nasty. Nicki is super sexy, all boobs and body. But the difference is that once she puts on the clothes and make-up,  she does all sorts of things that are anything but sexy. She writes aggressive lyrics, referring to herself as monster, crazy and other such un-sexy things. Yes, both women are sexy, but everything in Nicki’s attitude says, “My eyes are up here.” Lil Kim, not so much.

Mi busqueda no fue para mi cosa de escenario fue algo necesario

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

Ana Tijoux is cool, she is effortlessly bad-ass and so chill.  She is from Chile and has been hugely influential in the Spanish speaking hip hop scene for more than a decade.  It would be hard to be a female in hip hop in this country, imagine doing it in a Latino culture with the extra layer of machismo. ‘Nuf respect Ms. Tijoux, that must have been a difficult journey, but she sure makes it look easy.

She is another female hip hop artist who is sexy on her terms, not men’s. And I would give anything to have a picture with her. She could wear her Public Enemy t-shirt, I could wear my Run DMC. We could be  hip hop twinkies!

Sortez les briquets, il fait trop dark dans nos têtes

The 3o hour dance party continues: #30AssShakers30Hours

I’ve been getting into more international hip hop the last few years. It’s always amazing to watch someone outside of the US  take hip hop and put it through their own cultural blender. It maintains the flavor (flava?!) but it’s been made their own. And good hip hop is good hip hop. I have no idea what she is saying, but I love this song. Sure, I would probably be more amazed  if I understood her lyrics, but please don’t let a foreign language keep you from coming to the party. Look what you would have missed!

And now I want a four finger ring. Again. After the jump, one more because you need it, even if you don’t know you do.


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