Beat Nation – Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture

I had the pleasure of seeing an excellent hip hop exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was such a powerful show. The picture below is a still shot from my favorite piece. It was a video made from a group of skateboarders living on the rez in Arizona. The video was poignant and moving, but also clever and light.

Dustinn Craig, 4wheelwarpony bro team, 2007, production still. Courtesy of the artist, from Ariane Design blog.




I use this all the time. Of course, nobody knows what I’m referring to, but it’s funny to me and it never gets old. I was so happy when I found this clip today. I LOVE Tisha Campbell so much, I’ve loved her since House Party and Martin, and I really enjoyed her on this show. They were the next generation Cosby family. She and Damon were great together as a successful, loving couple who worked hard to raise their kids well.

After the jump, two hilarious dance scenes including a killer breakdance crew dance-off. I love the Zoolander breakdace fight, but those clowns got nothing on Micheal Kyle at his 1985 High School Reunion.


Like the phoenix, I rise again

This poem speaks to my heart, ya’ll.

Say you finally invented a new story
of your life. It is not the story of your defeat
or of your impotence and powerlessness
before the large forces of wind and accident.

(Continued after the jump.) More

Clark Griswold taught me everything I know about exterior illumination

I decided to take Cosmic Mama’s advice and get pro-active about bringing holiday joy into our home. So as she recommended, I got the Christmas lights out and made it a family project to decorate for the holidays.

Holiday Cheer

That's me out there on the ladder.

I hung the lights inside the house and it looked pretty good. In a fit of goodwill towards Mr. Applebum, I decided to start the outside lights.

That’s when everything got dicey. For one thing, sunset is before 4:30 here, so it started getting dark quickly. There are also ladders involved and I’m never confident on ladders. And I was hanging lights on one of our itchier evergreens (I actually know all our pine trees well, this is one of the more difficult ones to work with) hence his new nickname: Itchy McRasherson. And did I mention it started raining?!


How Bonita got her groove back

We’ve been back from our life changing trip to the Netherlands since Friday, but have somehow managed to maintain our post vacation buzz. Perhaps it is because we had such a marvelous time. Or because I am relaxed to the very core of my being. The trip was an amazing success, from start to finish.

We went to the Netherlands for my  international high school reunion. It was a happy accident that we spent our first real family vacation among the dutch, who have evolved holiday into an artform. If you want to learn to vacation, look to the Europeans. And the dutch like to have a good time and access to beer at any time of day, which is something I like in a country.

Reconnecting with my dutch self

Reconnecting with my dutch self


ISSE Reunion Pre-Party Kick Off

Alright, I’m kind of loving this live blog concept. Today I continue the live blogcast as we get ready for my twenty year high school reunion. Oh, did I mention it’s in HOLLAND. That’s right, the Applebums are going to the Netherlands, land of cheese and tulips. My class reunion is less than two weeks away, so in honor of the party that’s been 20 years in the making, we are live blogging all day. So strap on your swatch and best benetton shirt, we’re going back to 1988-1991. What up Jerusalamlaan! It’s a Reunion Pre-party! Word to Mr. Zey! Woot!

My UK Homegirls

My UK Homegirls

After the jump, videos, music, stories and lord knows what else. It’s an ISSE Reunion Pre-party Kick Off, cue the music.


It’s a revival, ya’ll

I posted on how to dig some roots into your neighborhood. It is long term investment that involves years of friendly waves and tiny gestures. I shared a heartwarming list of all the wonderful things that now go on in our neighborhood including: babysitting, garden tours, birthday wishes and condolences. It has been a rewarding process, we have created a tight-knit community and made life-long friends.

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

And this past weekend, we celebrated: Block Party 8.0! We had a revival  and everyone was invited! So sit back and relax, because I am going to tell you a story that is going to make your heart happy. The song of the day is Revival by Me Phi Me, so play it if you got it. And hopefully this will inspire you to reach out to your neighbors to start building up your hood and strengthening your community!


New Mexico road trippin’

I’m a New Mexican. It’s a big part of my identity. I have been living in the Northwest for years, but I still feel like a stranger in a strange land. I am a scrappy, outgoing, loud white girl with a big laugh. See? New Mexican, through and through. And there’s nothing I love more than to be out driving on the open road, music blaring, hair blowing in the wind.

Here comes trouble!
The sisters

Growing up in New Mexico, we road tripped all the time. We had family all over the state, it was how we saw each other. A four hour drive was pretty standard. That’s how long it took to get from Las Cruces to Artesia. Or Santa Fe to Las Cruces. A five hour drive can get a bit long, anything under three hours, feels like nothing. (Hello, Albuquerque to Cruces goes so fast!) Of course it helps that we average 85 mph on I-25. It’s can’t be helped, we all have lead feet when it comes to New Mexico highways. More

I heart Seattle: the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

Let's get this party started right.

Let's get this party started right.

Every year on the solstice weekend, one of our funkier, more eclectic neighborhoods throws a huge weekend party to celebrate. The party starts with a parade on Saturday morning, which is infamous for it’s naked cyclists, who kick-off the parade each year.

There are some great things to be learned from this über-green, hippy-dippy of festivals (as a girl from Santa Fe who brought tarot cards to Seattle, I mean that in the BEST way). So after the jump, five things we can learn from this festival AND video of naked cyclists!


Like Chuck D, I got so much trouble on my mind

I have to speak on Micheal Jackson. I never would have described myself as an MJ fan at any point in my life. However, as a music lover and ass shaker, I have always appreciated him as an artist and the influence he has had on all music for the last 20 years.

I’m surprised at how profoundly sad the news made me yesterday. One friend posted the Billy Jean Motown Performance in 1983. That moment, when he busted out the moonwalk towards the end (ever the consummate performer, brother could build to the moment) was a bolt of lightning in pop culture. Like Obama’s election, it was one of those moments when everything changed in an instant. More