No woman, no cry

Amazing how fast life can change on you. You are plugging along and you wake up one day and everything changes. Well, we had three days like that last week. Funny how when it rains, it pours. And all you can do is just keep plugging along, knowing better days will come.

I have been reading Rita Marley’s most amazing book No Woman, No Cry. It’s amazing to hear the stories of Bob Marley as a young man in love, father and visionary. It was inspiring to hear Sister Rita’s story of self-discovery, growth and healing. She had to face such darkness and difficulties, yet she came out with her head held high.

After the jump, wisdom from Nana Rita’s most excellent book, as I seek to bring healing to myself, my family and our global village.



I heart Seattle: the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

Let's get this party started right.

Let's get this party started right.

Every year on the solstice weekend, one of our funkier, more eclectic neighborhoods throws a huge weekend party to celebrate. The party starts with a parade on Saturday morning, which is infamous for it’s naked cyclists, who kick-off the parade each year.

There are some great things to be learned from this über-green, hippy-dippy of festivals (as a girl from Santa Fe who brought tarot cards to Seattle, I mean that in the BEST way). So after the jump, five things we can learn from this festival AND video of naked cyclists!


Sir Chuck D.

May I begin by asking the elders if I may speak freely? The video for Harder than you think found me over the weekend. Nuf respect for Sir Chuck D, he had me pounding my fist in the air by the second verse.  The brother is speaking some wicked truth, as always it is  worth it to read the lyrics. next: Watch video