Sowing the seeds of love

I feel like I am on this cosmic mission, but it is a strange mission indeed. I continue to be crazy music in the purse lady. I hoisted a couple of cd’s on this twenty-something on the monorail in Seattle over the holidays. As I handed him Bonita’s Back and Revolucion he gave me a strange look like: Who the hell are you, lady?

And for just a split second, it caused me doubt. I thought: Who am I to be going around giving out hip hop to random strangers on the street? Don’t you know you are white? And old? And as much as I tried to shrug it off, it planted just the tiniest seed of doubt in my head. Maybe my musical mission is really just a strange woman handing out mix-tapes on the street…

But then I stumbled across this Dave Chappelle clip and my commitment to my mission was renewed.  Just look what he did when he trusted his vision:

That my friends, is the power of one. Mad love to Chappelle for pulling off the ultimate hip hop head’s dream line-up. And that came from one man who wanted to share his success and love of music with those around him.

After the jump, more Chapelle, Lupe Fiasco and a little De La Soul  to inspire you to follow that inner voice. More


It’s a revival, ya’ll

I posted on how to dig some roots into your neighborhood. It is long term investment that involves years of friendly waves and tiny gestures. I shared a heartwarming list of all the wonderful things that now go on in our neighborhood including: babysitting, garden tours, birthday wishes and condolences. It has been a rewarding process, we have created a tight-knit community and made life-long friends.

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

Don't you stop the party and don't you lose the faith!

And this past weekend, we celebrated: Block Party 8.0! We had a revival  and everyone was invited! So sit back and relax, because I am going to tell you a story that is going to make your heart happy. The song of the day is Revival by Me Phi Me, so play it if you got it. And hopefully this will inspire you to reach out to your neighbors to start building up your hood and strengthening your community!


Blogging Live From Blockparty 09

The competitors got the grills fired up and the smack talk is reaching deafening levels. There’s a kids parade, a barbecue cook-off and all kinds of fun to be had.

After the jump, pictures and vid from the kids parade and the cooks starting up. And later, vid from a major rager.  So pay attention kids, because we are gonna show you how to throw a party p-tine style. More

Digging some roots into your neighborhood

When we bought our home eight years ago, one of the selling points was that the neighborhood was “very close with a block party every year.” It sounded idyllic, and it wasn’t exactly the vibe we caught when we moved in here. It’s not that people were rude, just stand-offish. A few people introduced themselves, but that was about it.

It took years to get to know our neighbors. It has been a bumpy, slow process. We did get the block party going for a few years, then it evolved into a birthday party a few years ago. This year, it is a barbeque cook-off.  We have organized two neighborhood garage sales and have many spontaneous happy hours and “in the yard” visits along the way.  In the process, many genuine friendships have been formed and our neighborhood now looks like something out of the 1950’s. Seriously. And you can do it, too. So here’s my five tips for digging some roots into your hood.

Block party 1995

Block party 2005