ISSE Reunion Pre-Party Kick Off

Alright, I’m kind of loving this live blog concept. Today I continue the live blogcast as we get ready for my twenty year high school reunion. Oh, did I mention it’s in HOLLAND. That’s right, the Applebums are going to the Netherlands, land of cheese and tulips. My class reunion is less than two weeks away, so in honor of the party that’s been 20 years in the making, we are live blogging all day. So strap on your swatch and best benetton shirt, we’re going back to 1988-1991. What up Jerusalamlaan! It’s a Reunion Pre-party! Word to Mr. Zey! Woot!

My UK Homegirls

My UK Homegirls

After the jump, videos, music, stories and lord knows what else. It’s an ISSE Reunion Pre-party Kick Off, cue the music.