New Mexico road trippin’

I’m a New Mexican. It’s a big part of my identity. I have been living in the Northwest for years, but I still feel like a stranger in a strange land. I am a scrappy, outgoing, loud white girl with a big laugh. See? New Mexican, through and through. And there’s nothing I love more than to be out driving on the open road, music blaring, hair blowing in the wind.

Here comes trouble!
The sisters

Growing up in New Mexico, we road tripped all the time. We had family all over the state, it was how we saw each other. A four hour drive was pretty standard. That’s how long it took to get from Las Cruces to Artesia. Or Santa Fe to Las Cruces. A five hour drive can get a bit long, anything under three hours, feels like nothing. (Hello, Albuquerque to Cruces goes so fast!) Of course it helps that we average 85 mph on I-25. It’s can’t be helped, we all have lead feet when it comes to New Mexico highways. More


La Bonita got her tat!

I am listening to my latest mix, Revolucion!, and feeling like Bonita Badass. I love love love the tat that Shiloah designed. She exceeded all my expectations. It is so beautiful and she hasn’t even gotten to the color, which is going to make it AMAZING!

Bonita y La Reina

Bonita y La Reina

I have been working on having faith, it’s not a natural state for me. When I left the shop last Tuesday, I felt so good about the meeting and the decision to work with Shiloah. But then, I had five days to second guess myself. What if I don’t like the design? Maybe I shouldn’t have decided to start the tat the same day I went in to see the design.  Or perhaps the most obvious question: Am I too old for this?  Because most 37 year old mothers of two don’t decide to get a tatoo…. More